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[The First game u played]

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my 1st online game was Counter-Strike at about 8-9 yeres old!!!!!!!!!!! then i played Warcraft III DotA Allstars and then ofC Lineage II ;p!!! tnx for berking me back my memories from my early years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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My first game was Gunbound, but since I hack too much there, admin banned all my account, and in the last, the owners send me 1 mail, and tell me, we wanna give you a job, if you give us all the new cheats that you make or find, we pay you for each cheat ... just lol, I work to they for 2 months then I leave and join in l2 wold until nowdays.

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i am a bit older and i played on a console brought to me by an uncle from libia, the game was "tennis", the oldest game, was like 1 cpu and u, 2 squares and the ball a little dot.

I dunno if any1 remembers the game but i do, was with only 2 sounds when u hit the ball and when the ball hit the ground.


Anyway, after that i bought a HC 81 and HC 2000 (no internal memory, no floppy, just casette, black and white monitor), before the PC arround and played pacman, mario, turtles ninja etc. :)


all of these were in 87'-90'

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