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Yeah right..cuz Id like to spend up to 17 hundred euros to make a geek happy cuz he posted a site in a couple sites. Just cuz ppl in 2015 are so generous and kind-hearted.


Unlike other servers L2AEPvP donations don't go into our pockets. None here has the balls to say that L2AEPvP is a server that is made for donations, there are MANY examples of such servers out there, that you the players promote, play or even spend your money. Our server is not one of them, we have a community driven server that we develop on our free time. The server wipes and reopens as soon as all the players quit and don't login, as happened this FALL. So yes, every L2AEPvP wipe happens because the community inderectly asked it, not because we are greedy and want more donations. For gods sake!. The GTX titan will be payed directly from L2AEPvP's donation paypal account. I can't get your thinking. "A geek happy". Its an event afteralls. 


BTW more events with IRL rewards will come in S2, and trust me some will be much more expensive than this.


[gr] ηξερα οτι ειναι καλος αλλα και μεντιουμ οτι αυτος που ρωτησε ηταν ελληνας ? γιατι οχι ενα gmt +2 ? σταματα να κοροιδευεις τον εαυτο σου πια με αγαπη :*



Try in English next time, and you may have my answer on what your trying to say.

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