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U jokin? There is da original topic created by xdem somewhere in here. Get ur facts straight son.


I think this is the classic PvP oriented mode of L2AEPvP that opens every summer that has tons of PvP and miniman farm. PvE comes every fall - for us hardcores :D

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Unfortunately we failed to ensure ingame stability for today's opening. The opening has been rescheduled to 3/5/2015 and that date is final.

More info will be posted on the forums tomorrow, and a BETA phase prior to the opening is possible.

Details of the issue:

  • Lack of proper advertise to meet L2AEPvP's standards.
  • Minor bugs and crashes in events.
  • Proper testing of the events and the new features.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you like the server and our work please help us spread the word that L2AEPvP goes season 2 next week to help the community grow.

As always, your's sincerely.. L2AEPvP team.


from the official site...http://l2aepvp.net/forum/portal.php

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Renaiscence=far better

  • Renaiscence = Gracia Final / AEPVP = Interlude
  • Renaiscence = Shared leaked files bad coded / AEPVP = Best custom interlude files coded by xdem ofc not shared!
  • Renaiscence = Admins are kids and have no idea about JAVA/hmtl/xml / AEPVP = Mature admin maybe bad administrator but still mature and for knowledge fuck it their pack was coded by xdem nothing more to include!
  • Renaiscence = Owned by a Some clan member the worst of all (if you used to play pride you will know what i mean)
  • I played Renaiscence but then i saw these posts and i quitted instantly:



Edited by ’Insider

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[gr]nai mwre malaka enw o dikos sou o scar pou rixnei xristopanagies stous players tou eiani kaluteros..ai sixtir pia pou ka8e 3 mhnes kleinei katanthse san ton sorceri kai autos


otan eklise ixes idi paratisei kai ston server ixane minei 40 10xrona. Ase tis malakies. Twra gia xristopanagies sta agglika den exw 3ana akousei.

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