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L2 Revenge OOG Walker

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I'd personnaly rather get IG working then OOG... Cause with a server with more then 3k players online at one time... your train will fail very fast.

OOG will help my dwarf sell while I'm sleeping/at work, so my computer doesn't overheat :P

No bot trains for me.


i found ACtool working so you can craft using that macro :)

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gusy im sry but if i post walker hims send new patch again w8 time this guy dont go wrok all time in anti bot ..


btw last bot in my page dont work becose 1 day ago new patch and now close all ur program in windows if l2 see any software ilegal (l2walker,hlapex,aim,artmony,etc....)


and u cant bot to many online same time and admin evry time online (For now) :)



w8 a time for this guy stop work 24/7 in system protec


and u can use bot ig in supreme last system is easy bypass all u need is a software for dont close software by any user use google :) se u all in 2 weeks

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I used now several bypasser which are normally used to bypass hacks in other games like : game resistance , saruengang. Results I launch game but then error and shut down from game. I will try more to get at least hl apex working for some SP saving.

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