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Delete topic please! Already solved the problem. Sorry for SPAM!

Hello MXC Mates!

I have edited a little part of gracia final client. I searched for greater heal skill effect and I would like to change the casting animation. So finished my first "work", tested in Dev tool and it worked. Here is a picture about the changes. http://i.imgur.com/eVQQlVw.jpg

But sadly when try it on a GF server it doesn't work and still use the old animation. o.O Here is a picture also. http://imgur.com/mag7gWf

The dev tool i used for test is in the same system folder. So I would like to ask if it's my fault somehow or there is a server side setting which disable to use modded skilleffects?

P.S.: Actually even if I delete the lineageskilleffect.u from the system folder the client still work without error message. o.O
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