Request L2 Adrenaline Scripts.

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camenomat0    109
10 minutes ago, siriys_blek said:

To walk around the rooms , like a mapped catas mostly i mean

Now i am searching script for CAPTCHA, cause some1 may report my bot.


what type of captcha exactly ,maybe it's shared alrdy..

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sihj12    0
  while engine.delay(555) do begin
  inventory.user.byid(57, adena);
    if assigned(adena) and (adena.count > 5 * 1000000) then begin // more than 5kk
      while not user.target.dead do delay(11);
      engine.facecontrol(0,false); delay(555);
      engine.entertext('.deposit'); delay(555);


Anyone can make this work?

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