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Contact Info:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexander.dagres

Skype: alexmanakos

  • Lineage 2 Advertise Guider and more,




What I can offer you by being your guide ?

i know almost every cp/clan leader of c6 community and got my own clan with pretty many followers (on youtube+facebook+growing on VK as well )( friends/enemies ) who follow in projects we join !


5 euro per day is just simple advertise everyday in my group

10 euro per day is medium to strong everyday post in all pages and group plus contact the active leaders

15 euro per day is what i said above plus full contact to every leader I know and some extras 

the payment that  I take is paypal family/friend

my group+pages:

1] https://www.facebook.com/groups/liiservers/

2] https://www.facebook.com/gamesranker/

3] https://www.facebook.com/L2EasyFun-x4000-Freya-LineAgeII-Server--168695813160585/

4] https://www.facebook.com/bestlineage2/

5] https://www.facebook.com/L2servers/

6] https://www.facebook.com/Warfares/

7] https://www.facebook.com/globalabuse

8] https://www.facebook.com/L2Neophron/

1) I can give you a TOP list of sites in which would be good if you advertise your server .
2) I can give you a text with keywords ( English or Russian ) for Google Ad Words or Yandex
3) I can make your Facebook Page with the correct settings to attract more Lineage 2 community

4) I can show you the correct settings to boost your Lineage 2 Posts via Facebook and attracting the most possible amount of the Lineage 2 community
5) I can help you with forum by making the right events and making your forum much more active 
6) I can help you by being a Moderator in Forum or in Facebook Page and helping the community with their questions ( I know Russian , English , Greek )
7) I can daily inform you about your "enemies" other projects that can harm you , if they are going good or not and why , who will join them and much more 
8) I can help you by making balance in your server
9) In general i can teach you how to make the right server !

  • Social Media Booster,






1000 - 2€
1,000 - 2€
Fanpage Likes:
1000 - 19€
Post Likes:
1000 - 2€
Random comments:
100 - 10€
Custom comments:
100 - 15€
Share Posts:
1000 - 5€
5/4/3/2/1 ( you decide ) Star Page Review:
100 - 20€

Facebook Video Views
1000 - 1€

Facebook Followers
1000 - 5€
Normal Views:
1000 - 1€
120 - 2€
100 - 6€
Providing auto-subscriptions for auto-likes/comments/views for 1 week or 1 month !

1k likes = 1 euro
5k views = 1 euro
1k random comments = 10 euro
1000 - 1€
1000 - 1€

Video Views
1000 - 1€

2,500 -10€
2,500 -10€
2,500 -10€
Soundcloud Plays
5000 - 2€


LIVE Viewers FOR 1 MONTH !
100 - 100€

100 - 6€
  • Professional SEO Service







  • Video Editing Services

You can check some of my projects right here : https://www.youtube.com/user/AlzorProductions/videos



Contact Info:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexander.dagres

Skype: alexmanakos

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Amazing person and amazing services!


Bought Many Times from him services Trusted/Fast/Awesome!


Nice work and trusted person!!



Awesome work, very trusted person.


Trusted & skilled.

Don't be afraid of using any of his services.


Good luck mate. ;)

thank you a lot guys!


Top Services "North Korea",

gl buddy !!


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