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Lineage 2 Core/Innova


Dagger lvl 99 Bounty hunter/ Dual shilen tank lvl 99 / 2 subs lvl 80 - noble


Dagger comes with hellfire talisman, Brooch for 4, Ruby, opal, pearl, diamond - all lvl 3, wondrous cubic, +6 shiny shirt


Char is naked. Around 40k PA.  6 APs.

Dagger got some skillsenchant +3 / Dual tank got +3 - +6


On account is furthermore a Tyrr Dreadnought lvl 97/ Dual shilen tank 95 / 2 subs lvl 80


lvl 86 Sayha Seer with 85 lvl dual Feoh.


Payment by paypal/gift verified - I am original owner.   Skype : Melekh2010  ( I DON'T GO FIRST - GIFT ONLY )


60 euro



r99 buster PvE +7 *Acumen 300 wind. 400 Euro




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