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Hello people,
Here I leave you some features about the project, I hope you like.
Not based at any well known projects, Teon, aCis, Frozen, Sigmo, Etc.
Private, international Interlude project.
;* Protections.
.- DragonHunters Attacker, Fixed.
.- Attacker v3, Fixed.
.- L2j-Killer, Fixed.
.- Server Crasher, (All versions), Fixed.
.- Phx Protection, It has the same protections that have any l2j pack, is recommended to buy the LameGuard.
.- Phx Spam, Fixed.
.- Phx Announce, Fixed.
.- DualBox Protection, (With Config, True or False).
.- L2Walker Protection, (With Config, True or False).
.- Flood Protection, (Config).
.- Anti Bot Protection, (With Config, True or False).
.- Anti Feed Manager, (With Config, True or False).
;* Retail Features
.- Castles, 100% Working.
.- Olympiad System, 100% Working.
.- Skils, 95% Working. (We continue to work).
.- GrandBoss, (Core,Orfen,Queen Ant,Baium,Antharas,Valakas,Frintezza), Fixed. Also u can test it.
.- Augment, Working.
.- Hero Weapon, 100% Working.
.- SubClass system for classMaster work retail like (for example, if you are Fighter you can go to change your main class only in Fighter guild)
.- Clan Gate, Working.
.- Trade system, Working like L2OFF. (Also u can test it).
.- Macro System, Reworked.
.- Class Master Update, They can modify via htm & config.
.- Balance Class, All classes and skills are well balanced.
.- Zone System, Reworked.
.- Community Board, Reworked, + Custom Community Like L2Sigmo.
.- Hero Message & infos, Fixed.
.- Beast Farm, 100% Working.
.- Almost all quests are working.
.- Fortress & CH Siege are working.
.- Clan Hall System, Working.
.- Siege System, Working.
.- Manor System, Working.
;* Custom Features.
.- AIO Server System, (With Config True or False).
.- Donador Server System, (With Config True or False).
.- Sleep Effect in Offline Shop.
.- Offline Shop + Configs.
.- Away Mode, (I think you know what this).
.- PcBank Points, (With Config True or False).
.- Vote Reward System, Hopzone & TopZone.
.- Champion System, (With Config True or False).
.- Events, TvT, CTF, TW, DM. Rebirth.
.- Wedding Manager.
.- PvP Custom Reward.
.- Command .Online & Player Online on enter.
.- And we will added more things soon.
;* Some quest are rewritten in java.
;* All AI are rewritten in java.
;* Hero Circlet & Hero Weapon, rewritten in java and separated.
;* Some sql are rewritten in xml.
Another link for view more things about olympiad.
Community Board Custom.




; If u are interested, Send me a PM. :troll: :dat:  :good sir:  :pherp:

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