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Guide [Συλλογή]Διάφορα Από Guides/shares. Για Ότι Ψάχνεις, Μπες Εδώ.

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Γεια σας φίλοι του Maxcheaters!


Επειδή πολλά και διάφορα Share/Guides έχουν χαθεί με το πέρας του χρόνου, σκέφτηκα μιας που χαζό-έψαχνα στο φόρουμ, να ανεβάσω όσα περισσότερα μπορώ για να είναι πιο εύκολο στη χρήση, τόσο για μένα μελλοντικά αλλά και για σας!

Δεν ασχολούμε στο να φτιάχνω κάτι δικό μου από κώδικες, NPC's κτλπ, ωστόσο, αφού περνάω χρόνο εδώ στο φόρουμ, ας βοηθήσω κάπου...


Ας αρχίσουμε με τους οδηγούς πρωτα, μιας και είναι λίγο/πολύ πιο σημαντικοί...

(Αυτό είναι βασισμένο στο παλιό μου Share, απλά κάνω update σε νέο θέμα, αφού όλα τα link είναι στο Archive και δεν δουλεύουν).





[Οδηγός]Πως να κάνετε Compile με Eclipse By slayerofdark

[Οδηγός]Πως Να Κάνεις Compile & Πως Περνάς Έναν Java Code! By 'Baggos'

Πως Θα Ανοίξετε Έναν L2J Gracia Final Server.(Και Πως Κάνουμε Compile)! By Papaditsa

Compile Server - Set Up - Add Customs - Make Online - Add Java Codes 5/9/2013 By WolfGiaS3na



[Guide]Pws Bazoume Epipleon Sthlh Se Ena Custom Shop By 'Baggos'

[Guide]Pws na Perasw Source Sto Eclipse By xepimetheus

[Guide]Άνοιγμα Port σε windows 8 By M@n80$

(Το ίδιο είναι και σε Win7, άσε τι λέει ο τίτλος).

[Gr] Τι Θα Πρέπει Να Έχετε Υπόψιν Όταν Ανοίγετε Ένα Server By SirLionheart

Μερικά Αρχάρια Πράγματα Για Την Java Που Θα Μας Βοηθήσει Στο Ξεκίνημα Μας... By 'Baggos'

[Re-Share]Πως να αλλάξετε time στα buffs με ειδικό πρόγραμμα! By Deque

[Guide] pos kanete mia buffer na douleyei se oti pack 8elete eseis By A-error

(Είναι παλιό.. όμως μέσα σε κάθε Project, θα βρείτε τα Imports που χρησιμοποιεί, και κάνετε το ίδιο Rename).

[Guide]Siege Time Generator By coObisteR

Pws Ftiaxnete ena NPC na kinite k na leei oti thelete!!! By GsL

[Guide] Πώς να αλλάξετε το χρώμα στο enchant + Πώς να βρείτε οτι colour θέλετε. By Belzebul

[Guide] Πως να βάλουμε ένα Skill σε ένα Class. + [screenShot's] By ExCaLiBuR®

[Guide]Pws na ftiaksete diko sas spawn. By ~Linaras~



New Interlude Gm Shop {Stinkymadness} By StinkyMadness

New Interlude Gm-Shop By poytsomaxias

Beautifull Npc Collection By Poytsomaxias By poutsomaxias

Simple Gm Shop (Interlude) By SpirakosDafuq™

[Gr]Gm Shop By Cronia By Cronia

Gm Shop For Pvp Server's By lampros1996

Interlude GM Shop by LuckyStr1ke By LuckyStr1ke

New Interlude Gm Shop By Teddy

[share]L2Vitality GM-Shop By InTheEndॐ

[share]Interlude Custom Shop By H3aven



Freya Gm Shop New! By Papaditsa

Custom GMShop for MidRate Servers [Freya/H5] By VeNoM™

[share]Gm Shop Full H5 By Dante44®

{Freya} Gm Shop l Vote Shop By lOuTSidel

[share][Freya]Special Shop By `Heroin

New GM Shop {H5} By Asuki

Gm Shop For High Five By 007florin



L2J Frozen Gatekeeper Towns,raid Boss, Farm Area - Pvp Area ;) By SalikosPower

Custom Gatekeeper By Flash™




Hi5 Gatekeeper Custom Share By chillout

Custom Gatekeeper [Freya/h5] By VeNoM™



[interlude][buffer V3 Update By g1org1os

Npc Buffer [il] By exah

Scheme Buffer (Interlude) By Stereotype

New Custom Buffer (Interlude) By SpirakosDafuq™

New Buffer [interlude] By foxi

Ultimate Buffer For Acis By Povis111 By povis111



Npc Item Enchanter ☜═㋡ By RedHoT

Rebirth Manager By Trance

[share] Vote - Shop NPC By Sutra

Augumentation Manager By sparco

[Collection] All My Npc's ( Freya-H5 ) By `NeverMore

[interlude][ L2J Pack Of Npc's/custom Items (Weapons,armors,wings) By g1org1os

Enchant Npc For Acis [interlude] By Stacy Doll





Soul Desert Eagle Armors(Green) By `iAndre

Fusion Weapons (Interlude) By CriticalError

Pack Acessories +100 (Il) By `iAndre

R99-Grade Amaranthine (Il) By `iAndre

Epic Accessory + Epic Cloaks + Passive Skills For Interlude By ScaredAngell

Interlude Purple Armor By bekomen

[interlude] Lindvior Weapons With Glow By N1ghty

[interlude] Dragon Core Armor Set By WebDAV

Beleth Armor [ Interlude ] By Stacy Doll

Pegasus Armor By ViperTech

[share] Dark Knight Armor (Interlude) By Ellen De La Generes

R90 Fo Il By ViperTech

Antharas-Valakas-Lindvior Weapons [Freya_God] By FrozenWarrior

Dynasty With Shoulders By ViperTech

New Demonic Effect By ViperTech



Ertheia Npc For Interlude Stacy Doll

Yehan Twins For Interlude By Stacy Doll

[share] Npc's/mob's For Interlude By Stev0

Grand Octavis Npc By N1ghty

Interlude Lindvior Mobs By bekomen

Summon Unicorn Mage [interlude] By Stacy Doll

Very Spooky Monster (Interlude) By Ellen De La Generes

Rb H5 By Asuki



Gift From Icarus Dev - Giran Map With Fountain Il By Icarus Dev

Giran_Green_Fairy_V.1.1 + Small Tutorial By puredemonsss

Tower Of Naia For Interlude From Lindvior (Last Map From Set) By deMEV

Hellbound (20_25) For Interlude By deMEV


Edited by 'Baggos'

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Εδώ θα θα βρείτε μερικούς Java Code, Event's, Έτοιμα L2J Project & άλλα διάφορα!




Sell Buff System 1.9.0 By << Masterio >>
[sHARE] Armorstats when enchanted +12 and +16 By RpGiant

Simple Instanced Buffer By DarthVader

[share]Anti buff shield By Lineal
[share]Voiced Command Buffer! By Kràtos

Rank Pvp System 3.8.9 [iL - H5] By << Masterio >>
[share] Pvp Hero Status! By Howl3r

[share]Quake PvP System By MaestroLuke
[share]Hero Shine on PvP kills By Vago
[share] Java Code LvL 80 SubClass By 'Baggos'

[share]Visual NPC to PC transform [Freya/High Five] By pipiou21

[share]Custom item that adds pvp and pk kills By An4rchy

[share]Don't Remove Buffs On Death By pipiou21
[share] Hero Custom Item By An4rchy

[sHARE] Noblesse Custom Item By Stefoulis15

[share-Updated] On Subclass Add/Change Freaze Players By Deque

[Guide] FloodProtection gia to Interlude By SySt3MGaM3RFr3aKs

[share] Any subclas on any Grand Master By DominiQue

Starting Items By Roronoa

[share].online Command By Vkouk

[share]Alternative Title/Name Color System By Coyote™

[share]Starting custom items By xAddytzu

[sHARE] Custom starting lvl By Intrepid

[share]Custom spawn location By xAddytzu

[share-Guide] Create new Enchant Scroll on L2jaCis By killer666

[share] Crystal/Blessed Scrolls Max Enchant By Spidey*

[share]Get Class Items With Commands. By 'Baggos'

Camera Effect On Die By Tessa

Add Clan Skill At Admin Panel By iSparky

Lifestone & Books Stackable [ L2Jfrozen Rev.1113 ] By Monkey D. Luffy

Visible Castle Door Hp For L2Jfrozen By Tessa

Gm View Dyes Info [ L2Jfrozen Rev.1113 ] By Monkey D. Luffy

Olympiad Restriction Also Max Lvl 91 By te0x

Balancer For Acis By te0x

[Patch] Change Number Of Party Members By u3games

Anti-Bot Protection For L2J By KderD64

Newbie Player's Auto Buffs By iSparky

Remove Buffs And Debuffs Item By te0x

Special Share (L2Jfrozen .1004) By Joniredbull

Skill Enchanting Custom Options. By Devlin

Uber Cancellation. By An4rchy

[share] Funny Voiced Command Pack for L2EmuUnique By lord_rex

No Heal and Buffs at Monsters and Raids By dem

[share]Olympiad Buffs By EdenEternal

[share]Refresh your buffs time :) By AbSoLuTePoWeR

[Gr]Unique Cancellation Skill By Rizlaaa

[share]Chance augument skill and glow By xAddytzu

[share] Alternative Warehouse Deposit Fee By Stefoulis15
[share]Custom item that adds pvp and pk kills. By An4rchy

[share]PvP/Pk Message(No client modding), to killer and to victim!(Configurable) By An4rchy

[share] Quake PvP Announce me Effect! By DepRessus

[share]Show Server Time + Some announcements By Fanky

.menu Command By te0x

.dressme For Interlude. By An4rchy

Mass Siege Informer. By Dεbian

AioBuffer Shop for L2jFrozen By RedHoT

Clan Level Up Manager | Java Instance for aCis. By Dεbian

Class Items With HTM Window By Cr1MsOn

[share] Targeted Create Item By Spidey*

Hopzone & Topzone Vote Reward System By An4rchy

[share] Gift for L2Jesios PvP/Pk reward System By Chrome

[share]Faction System For L2JFrozen Pack. By xrulezz

Annonymus Olympiad Games V1.0 By te0x

Lifestone&bogs Stackable By @Slash

Class Balance With Config By nikosdevil20




PvP Nobless NPC Hi5 & Freya By RandomDude

Keep Buffs After Death Player & Summon. [High-Five Beta] By brett16

Bug Report Manager By valanths1990

Individual Vote Manager IL By te0x

[Java] Rin4A's Scheme Buffer (H5-Beta) By u3games

New Cb Gk For "mobius Lindvior Project" By xShady91l

Anti-Bot Captcha With Improvements And Stable. [Freya & Hi5] By Stewie

2 Old Instances (Solo And Party) For Freya Ct2.5 By nikosdevil20

[Guide] L2J Freya Enchanted Items In Gm Shop By nikosdevil20

pecial Shift Click Panel, Drop/spoil/quest [Reworked For Freya] By Stacy Doll

Level Up Reward For Hi5 Beta By Extreamer

Skill Enchanting Custom Options. By Devlin

Custom Pets ~Dressme By ^Wyatt

Hi5 Vote Reward Configurable [ Topzone - Hopzone ] By insaNNe

Share] Clan War Zone (Freya). By La2

[share]De-Level-Manager (+Level Choice) By `Heroin

Hero (+Clan) Manager By `Heroin

[Hi5] Services Npc By Colet

Cool Rename NPC By Chrysis19

Rin4A's Scheme Buffer Fully Working Updated To Highfive By Squirtle

Advanced Grand Boss Observation By `Heroin




Null Event By drake2wow

[share] Chaos Event By SweeTs

[share]Unique Interlude Event [CaptureThem] By Boorinio

[sHARE] EventManager 1vs1 (from L2Sonic-L2Noble) By MlDNlGHT

Event Kratei Cube By allanalcantara

Pkhunter Event By ^Wyatt

[interlude][Event] Blessing of Experience By Colet

[Hot Share] Conquerable Location Engine for L2jFrozen! By Tortex

Achievements Engine Interlude By madarismenos

[share]Unique Interlude Event [speedRun] By Boorinio

Zodiac Event Engine By Boorinio

High Rate Event (L2Gold Event) By Elfocrash

[share](L2J) Shot The Dog Event By kuriku

Custom Community Board Htmls -Only- By ’Insider

Poker Game By u3games

Vote System V2 Website By djagripnos

Random Fight By etniafamily

Donate System By balius

[share]Religion System + Religion Wars. - UPDATED By An4rchy

Survey System For L2Jhellas By ExCaLiBuR®

Advanced Party Teleporter By `Heroin

Easy Boss Engine By An4rchy




[interlude] Trance's L2Gold Project IL By Trance

L2 Pride Sources + Compiled/db IL By Akken

L2Jdream Soucer 500 Shared IL By Mr.Kadu

Lineage || Psd Interlude Pvp Pack/source By te0x

[Free] Best Share - L2Jlisvus Rev.460 C4 By [Geo]Sky

L2Ps Phoenix (Fandc) Based Pack And Svn (H5) By Chemotox

[sHARE] Gracia Final Pack + Mods + Patch By DragonSmile

L2-Scripts Owned By Mardok By mardok

L2Impulse Server Files + Source + Sql! By numl0ckas

L2Jreunion Free Version By `NeverMore



Έρχονται κι'άλλα...

Edited by 'Baggos'

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Ωραίος ο Baggos!



Προσπάθησε να ελέγχεις και να διατηρείς τα links.

Ναι εννοείτε πως όσο μπορώ θα τα ελέγχω...

Και είναι κρίμα να υπάρχουν σχεδόν άλλα τόσα διαφορετικά Share/Guide σημαντικά, και να μην δουλεύουν οι εικόνες ή τα link..


UPDATE: Java codes(Mods,Events,διάφορα), έτοιμα L2J Projects + μερικά NPC's.

Edited by 'Baggos'

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