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Lineage2Classic project

The Destruction of the mind - the team develops private Lineage 2 emulator . At the moment, stopped at chronicles Lineage2Classic, much has been done and the project will improve and expand functionality

Site: dom-team.ru

Now the client patch is available with English localization. Not an error "Invalid Location"
Current revision : 4.0
Just have a test server on the access to it in writing mail

Reference on the subject support the test server:


Revision 3.4
Daylight L2Classic
Delete: All datapak on C1 chronicles
Fix: Level 75 maximum
Add: 603-19 protocol is work
Fix: All dialogs are shown in the normal state (at Artee)
Add: Work on skills notdone
Add: Search Clan
Fix: Service Restored PA

Revision 3.5
Fix: Edits dialog
Add: Added configuration IsL2Classic allows you to change the server type, the conditions for granting rewards for quests
Fix: Fixed a reward for quests chronicles L2Classic offlike
Fix: Now, if the character is near the village of Kamael it returns to Talking Island Village (at death or teleport)
Fix: The maximum level 5 clan now
Delete: The system nevita system vitality completely removed
Fix: Edits work packages CharInfo, NpcInfoPoly, StatusUpdate
Fix: user commands / loc
Fix: Restart html files from the admin. panel
Fix: Display some of the buttons in the Community in connection with the transition to a new customer
Add: articles of all raid bosses according to the official server
Fix: some of the dialogue, display the home page admin panel
Add: New system of sharpening
Add: Distribution System adena
Fix: Implemented hranilka
Fix: party / party implemented search
Fix: Edit Macros
FIx: Fixed SymbolMakera
Fix: Cosmetics Skill sheet
Delete: Delete the left multisellov
Add: Added some SystemMessage
Fix: Display abnormalov in chars from the NPC and pets

Revision 3.6 from 19/01/2015
fix: Rewrote search engine Clan
fix: The new implementation of the global chat. Thank Mobius (adjustment for classic chronicles)
Add: New ng things get quest (or changes in quests)
Fix: Phantoms spawn in the starting villages and are not things above B grade
Fix: Added a configuration change function IsL2Classic branch experience (if the server is a classic one branch experience, when Arte -other)
Fix: If the server admin classics can not issue a class id is greater than 57
Fix: Configs under a new system of experience
add: the launch of a new PC system
add: the launch of the new teams player
Fix: do not correspond to the time buffs
Fix: Processing package petinfo (not matching the speed of summons)
Fix: Friend sheet works as it should
Fix: Mail Processing

Revision 3.7

Fix: Adjusted conditions for teleport in Community board

Fix: Now do not get out in the community taking key sub-class

Fix:Cut taking Traits profession in the community, even if the level is not up to standard

Add: Craft Dual sword offlike

Delete: Common items

Fix: New water zone

Fix: correct price and delete removal of unnecessary items(world)

Dekete: Newbie Guide

Add: A new kind of dialogue for the English version

Fix: Experience changes

Fix: send flags from serverpackets

Fix:Correct all teleport

Fix: Dyes fully work

Fix: Other packets rework

Add: new uservoicecommand

Fix: Quest dialog rework

Add: new system create pledgeEmblem

Delete: old start items

Fix: Rework configuration responsible for teleport and change prfoessii

Revision 3.8 (3.02.2015)

Fix: Removed from the game Herby

Fix: Minor adjustments spawn

Fix: Rework work quests (added condition for quests, the maximum number of items which can be obtained)

Fix: Fixed all sets with ng for B grade

Fix: Fixed daggers and one-handed swords with ng for B grade

Delete: Removed types of NPCs who betrayed Herby at killing NPC

Fix: Correction folder guard in the English and Russian versions of the dialogues.

Add: I started to realize social network alt + b

Fix: Adjusted a number of NPC around the world.

Revision 3.9 and 4.0

Fix: You can not attack targets invisible Aoe skills

Fix: QuenAnt implementation

Fix: multiselov protection in the community board

Add: Game protect

Add: greeting when entering a game (en / ru version)

Add: calculation formula. (If the target while casting out of the wall, in inviz)

Fix: NoCarrier system processing

Fix: Processing dressing

Add: Migration in the Far East

Add: Adjustment formulas / characteristics of the character

Fix: Performance Adjustments running speed of characters

Fix: Performance Adjustments speed walk characters

Fix: Rewrote system bot report in relation to the actuality of information I received.

Fix: Rewrote deathpenalty system according to the chronicles.

Fix: rewrite the system level difference between the character and the NPC.

Fix: Clan Skills now in accordance with the chronicles.

Fix: A study skills to all classes. (Consumption SP / Remove extra skills, somewhere even replacing)

Delete: Deleted lottorymanager and its components

Fix: An implementation is not implemented packets part 1

Fix: Returned Newbie Helper spawn points in the characters of all races (Disinformation)

Fix: Fixed a problem with crits client vylezanija left window

Fix: Cosmetics mail system

Fix: Cosmetics friendship

Fix: Cosmetics lock

Fix: Do not be visible petomets other players, was not seen his spawn animation does not appear in the group (as amended)

Add: Chestichnaya cleaning debris (kernel)

Delete: Removed the Olympics and its components

Delete: remove the remnants pcbang / vitality / neviteSystem

Fix: Now, if a character with karma or without death loses 10% experience (offlike)

Fix: Rework full drop system



- styxMZFK(head project. Write to him)

- Noizemc.bd






- "Gold Package" - a GeoData+pathnode/Techinacal Support/Update the assamby in a mounth/Current version of the game emulator.(350 USD)


-"Silver Package" - a Techinacal Support/Update the assambly in a mounth/Current version of the game emulator.(220 USD)


"Bronze Package" - a Techinal Support/Current version of the game emulator.(150 USD)


- Geodata+pathnode = 130 USD


- Update the assambly in a mounth = 50 USD

To install required: Java jdk 1.8 mysql 5.5 / navicat (has no difference).
The source is not for sale, not the way the foundation Mobius/JTW/JServer !!!

Edited by Amaranthe

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  • 1 month later...

Hi! I would like to buy, but need to kow somethings.


The source code is based in L2J or L2P?


Is there any working protection for this project (classic)? Lameguard, etc...


When i try to log in in oficial russian Lineage 2 Classic, i get a message "Invalid Location". Your CLIENT files have fix for that?

Edited by Volgan

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Hi! I would like to buy, but need to kow somethings.


The source code is based in L2J or L2P?


Is there any working protection for this project (classic)? Lameguard, etc...


When i try to log in in oficial russian Lineage 2 Classic, i get a message "Invalid Location". Your CLIENT files have fix for that?

source code based is grind team private source actual version, protected multisell , cache, anti-bot system. Client files fixed this problem. Edited by Amaranthe

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One question. Today you removing all what not exists in current L2Classic project. What will you do tomorrow when it's all will be added again?

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