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First, lets create a text. In this tutorial, we used Minion Pro font, style - bold, size - 48px, Smooth. It is best to use bold or else you won't really get the same result.




Next, duplicate the layer 2 times with your text and apply to both sections/layers style overlay color #a58c40.




Now "overtighten" each of these layers down in increments of 1px and connect them with Ctrl + E. Thus we get a small amount from the bottom. You can also use an alternative and simpler method of creating a volume using the Drop Shadow layer stile to a distance of 2px, but if you need to complicate the lower part of the text with different highlights or texture, use the first method to obtain a seperate layer for further work.




Apply to the text layer styles "Bevel and Emboss" and "Gradient Overlay" with the settings that are shown in the next screenshots.





As a result, your text should look like this.




Your text looks beautiful and complex. Now add a horintozal flare acrros the entire width of the text. We put the entire text are selection and fill it with white.




Now, overtighten the selection to the right so that it is divided roughly in half of our text, cut this area and set the layer style to Soft Light. The result should be like in the following screenshot.





Add a horizontal reflection that is passing through the text. Select the entire area of the layer to which we have just used the style overlay Soft Light and approximately in the middle or slightly above the text draw a horizontal strip of white gradient with the settings specified in the following screenshot.




Apply layer style with a gradient Outer Glow with the following settings.




The result should be something like this.




The easies way to make the shadow is using the Drop Shadow, but it will look primitive and ugly. Therefore, we will make a shadow with a few layers. To start, highlight all the text area, including the area of the lower volume and fill it with black.




Duplicate this layer so our shadow consists of 2 seperate layers. Place them under long text. To the first layer, apply Soft Light and add style Drop Shadow with the following settings.




For the second layer, apply Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur with settings Angle: 90, Distance: 7 pixels,  then add Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur with settings Radius: 1.0 pixels. Now, set the layer to Soft Light and slightly over-thighten it down to get something like this shadow.




In the end, you can add some texture to darken the text on the sides and in the center by adding a flare.




You can also download the result PSD through 4Shared.


Created by: DKArts
Translated by: FalconHQ


P.s. Sorry if there are some mistakes etc...

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