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The server is still online , good geodata  
Good gm team 

Starting playing 2 days and i am in good position to be as good as other playing more time there .

Low activity about 20 online 
Need better advertisement and bring back old/new players
Really nice try go and play .


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Yea , this server worths a shot but there are also more bads than you said.

Gm team lacks in international communication , they speak only their language and the problem is that they cant understand english very well , i remember when i played there that the developer had no clue how to speak , only a the administrator could communicate a bit. 


Anyways , their files are really cool and i would defiantly try this if it comes up again .With a well organize , this server can hit 200-300 real.  

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To bad that this server didnt get attention . Was one of the best server ever with good files , friendly admins and very very good features .  Maybe they will wipe it soon and better advertising it cuz everything else is very good .

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