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HighFive 20x...

After more than five months, we are advised officially the date of the official opening of the server. Server will be opened Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 19:00 GMT + 2. Server will continue [beta] traffic until 28.1.2015, so if you still do not believe us let's try what else you do not like on the other servers, or what you dislike on our past server. Thank you for your patronage and look forward to you!

Your L2ICS team.

Base Features...

  • Rates - 20x
  • SP - 5x
  • Adena - 15x
  • Drop 15x
  • Boss Drop 15x
  • Spoil 10x
  • Safe +3 / Max +25 / Changeable rate chance, retail like.
  • Gatekeeper, GMshop, EventShop, CSnpc, Clan NPC, and more...
  • Custom Community board (with many useful features)
  • Oly, CS, TW, Instances, Quests , Events - work fine
  • Offline trades
  • Offline Buffers
  • Auto loot drop. (Not for RBs)
  • +6 Olympiad, 14days
  • 24 Buffs / 12 Songs / 10 Selfbuffs
  • 2hours buffs + First Aid buffer on community board (in case you are out of buffs or killed.
  • Cancel system, renewal canceled buffs after 45sec... 
  • Max sub. 3x
  • No customs !!!
  • Powerfull server machine
  • Server protected by Software and Hardware protection against attacks & bots
  • Vote reward system

That's not all !! If you are interested about L2IceScream visit our websites to seek more info about server features...

5 months of testing...
On the server worked over 5 months many people. It was repaired and added lots of features. It was created over 600 accounts and 895 characters. We offer you quality facilities and experienced management. Active and communicating GM team.

Built on quality...
Game server is run on high-quality source, based largely on L2scripts and largely finished by our own scripts. It might sound strange, but who's tried, will believe!

Server is protected by hardware equipment directly on the server machine spreads. It further our server will protect against DDoS (HyperFilter) attacks and other malicious forms of attack. For protection against cheating care pair of protections RU Guard + LameGuard. In the future we plan to buy one more protection.

No Overpower donations...
Our donate does not affect the course and balance games. Thanks to donate you will get access to the VIP functions of comunnity board. VIP Teleport, top agumemtations, + 15 / + 30 Buffs. None armor or weapons could be taken by donate.

Every hour and a half, the main events are triggered. TvT, GvG, Korean, Last Hero, Capture Flag... Furthermore, the events taking care of our Game Masters and Event Master.

Weekly offers & Black Fridays...
Every week something new! Special offers on community boards shop. Weekly offerings are limited to seven days. Black Fridays are special events only on Fridays!

Also we are looking for new staffs. You can apply for :

  • Game Master (16.1.2015 applications deadline)
  • Event Master
  • Website Developer (HTML5, CSS3, JS requied...)
  • Game Chat / Forum Moderator


Visit our website & forums for seek more info about us...






If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask in comments...

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