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WTS Wts Chars And Adena Core Server

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wts acc with 7 chars:

     23.750   PA points (price - 30e)

1. Lv.86 Feoh mystic Muse

2. Lv 86 Sayha's  seer

3. Lv 86 Eviscerator

4. Lv 86 Sayha's seer,  dual  Lv. 86 Wynn Spectral Master

5. Lv 86 Sayha's seer 

6. Lv 92 Feoh storm Screamer,  dual class Lv 94 Wynn scpectral master, subclass 80lv ghost sentinel

7. Lv 90 tyrr Duelist,   dualclass  Lv 89 Sigel Shillien templar,  subclass Lv 71 Spellhowler .

 all with mentor gear     sold



acc N2 - 4220 PA points - (price -20e)

Lv 92  ISS Doomcryer, subclaas 62 lvl necromanser - mentor gear.

 adding email's with 


ALSO selling Adena stock  3b   price for 1b  is 36e  - sold


for questions and offers  leave msg here 

BTW im not going first dont even try if u wont go 1st   -   PayPal only as gift

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something wrong

i dont know what is worng. oh wait i know what is it 

waiting ya 4h ingame to trade u adena and u didnt show up, and after i give up i refund u money in paypal.

 i know  thats not worng for sure, so maybe  u can tell me  what is worng.
Edited by Gigaset

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