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Help How Can Import My Own Custom Made Weapons

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Hello how are you guys

i am a new desginer for l2 and game like this

but i am having alittle problem with importing my dsgins

i desgine a wings and i want to know what is the file type that can be imported to the game

like ".obj" ".FBX'

i heard that it is something like ".UTX"

but i searched how can i export my files with this type but i didn't find any way

can you guys help me with that !?

what is the important programes for that

and how can i import them to the game ?!


and thanks.

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ok there are i tink 2 ways to do it


the first way is bugy because the weapons will not attach properly to hands and i tink its available for accesoryes too, at least i tink you can make groups and animations

so you need

3ds max 2009 (this is wat i use at least ) remember 2009 not 9, or 2010, or 2011 !, mabe newer too if you use the second way to export but i duno

plugins from gildor to import psk/psa in 3ds max but those are used if you want to adapt/change/modiffy/add animations or meshes from say another chronicle

plugins to export psk/psa to .ukx

unreal tournament 2004 and yes the game, it haves the UnrealEd so you can pak up the psk/psa into .ukx

tool from gildor to convert the final .ukx so it can work with the game


the second way to do it and working but it haves some restrictions as you can/t make groups and animations plus limited polys ( low geometry mesh but you can optimize to look good if you know how to edit mesh and have say for example 5000 verticles )

ok now istead to exort via plugin you have to export it as .obj from exporting menu's 3ds max

now take the .obj file and paste it where OAUKX is then drag and drop it on it then enter number 1 then enter

now you have an working .ukx


now those are simply a short steps of how to do it but if you w8 some time ill make an tutorial on how to properly do it step by step video since it require to see the settings are needed to get it work properly

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