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Event Christmas 2014 & New Year's Eve 2015 Event

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Greetings MaxCheaters members,


I hope you have happy & jolly holidays.

MxC staff decided to create this simple event for all of you who spare your time daily to our forum.


The event is simple!

You have to pick a number from 1 to 25 45 (more numbers will be given as soon as we will have more participants).

At the end of the event we will pick randomly 3 numbers in order to announce the winners.


Participants will be able to take place in the event until 04/01/2014.


*Your reply should include only a number and a wish for 2015!




The prizes of the event are the following:


1st: Gold Membership

Participants: VIP Members (>500 posts) / Donator Members (>500 posts) / Simple Members (>500 posts)

The winner will be a Gold Member for a month (testing period) and then he/she will have the opportunity to join MxC Staff once and for good.


2nd: VIP Membership

Participants: Donator Members / Simple Members


3rd: Donator Membership

Participants: Simple Members


4th: Gift award

Participant: All members

The winner will gain a gift award for participating in this yearly event!




I wish you the best for your and your family!


Good luck! ;)

1. Tml.Viastis.Gr
2. GM Edward
3. Bobi
4. Peowulf100
5. Lokus
6. Master Joda
7. WhoAreYou
8. DecTioN
9. `NeverMore
10. MrReid
11. SwS
12. Blitfrop
13. iAndre
14. Glutp
15. Tessa
16. l2obscura
17. kyosume
18. Jeyse
19. Rebellos™
20. Meddox
21. Vince*
22. FirefoxAurora
23. Saruman
24. ČυяŞŀŅğ
25. Cray-Z
26. Stereotype
27. @IcathiaLord
29. BlackDevilDev
30. N1nj4Styl3
31. @Infinity
32. JaharakaL
33. ladyofl2
34. BonJovi®
35. krome
36. ✩Apollo✩
40. endmost2
42. Hashirama
43. xDafuQ
45. Relative

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Can I have the number 30? If not, I pick the number 7.


I wish everyone to have a better life (in every aspect/way) by the next year 2015.


Edit: Ok, got the number 30.

Edited by N1nj4Styl3

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