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Open L2Cursed Kingdom Beta: 15/11/2014
Open L2Cursed Kingdom Oficial : 22/11/2014
Dear players, given the fact that we’re trying to start the server that wouldn’t have any major bugs or problems and would run as smoothly as possible, our administration decided to push the opening date 22/11/2014

Information Server L2Ck
High Five Server 
Max lvl 99
sub clase acu 3+ base
xp rate:100
sp rate:10
Drop rate:10
max buff :84
max enchant:16
max safe:4
Enchant comun :60%
Blessed enchant:75%
Armor Efect a : +16
anuncio pvp pk consecutive
custom hero aura por pvp
zona custom pvp
anti drain mobs en pvp
anti soe en pvp

panel de drop mobs
custom community full
sistema de seguridad de pj individual
systema sell buff
systema aio
systema vip
quest unica del server con beneficio de login diario y ranking de quest
systema de eventos completos + tree of life , survive , present Arms
zonas customs, zonas hall
zona de lvl 76+
bug reports
npc custom shop
npc buffer comun
buffer hall +zonas custom en hall
Npc Vip Augment
Npc Archivement
Individual vote manager
vote reward global
gk global
customs armors and weapons incluyendo armas boss
auto ss y bss y arrows
piedras de apariencia de armors y weapons
systema de comandos .menu q incluye

"( teleports,cambio de pass y pin,cambio de sexo,repair,join olys,change name,
go clan lider, tiempo online del pj,comandos para lider de clan para hablar con pjs del clan o a todos los 
online mediante mensaje en pantalla,subir la reputacion del clan,exp on off,)"

systema de encuesta
systema de siegue manager por comando
jack spot y black jack
ranking pvp y pk
systema de ranking por rango
systema anti bots
custom clan halls
auto restart
offline trade
systema multilenguage
l2walker proteccion
pvp reward
anti feed
Balance System
We use 100x rates for comfort game. Leveling up of character tates for comfort game. Leveling up of character takes the smallest period of time, that will allow you dont waste your time, and take part in mass PvP battles.


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