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LF H5 Insta Olympiad Server

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Well the thing with having a 24h olympiad with no limitations is that on one hand it sounds cool to be able to play it whenever you want and as much as you want, but it comes with a big downside, which is that for example if you would want to go for hero, you would have to play constantly, making you grow tired of olympiad pretty fast and would actually represent a big factor for making the daily player count fall, so i advise you to keep the matches limited (you can extend the limitation by a little bit) and have them run for a specific amount of time per day (arround 6h imo) which would encourage the players to do multiple oly classes and give them something to look forward to every day.


Having a pvp zone also helps raise the online count a bit and gives you someting else to do while getting hyped for olympiad. The smart pvp bots that emerald uses are also a big factor for keeping the pvp going the whole time.


I don't exactly remember everything what you can buy from the pvp currency on emerald but there were def. a lot of accessories, that would make your char look nice, cloaks from the god+ chronicles, pvp talis like str+1, all stat etc. and alot more things that would encourage you to pvp. You should not be able to use all the op stuff that you get from pvping in olympiad ofcourse, because that would make the players think that they have to constantly grind pvps in order to not be at a dissadvantage.


They didn't actually have an olympiad currency, but i just mentioned it, because it would be a smart thing to also give people an extra reason for joining olympiad. For example like some other russian server did it, they made it so you get olympiad coins from doing matches and completing the daily quests, with which you could buy luxurious items that would give you an extra edge in olympiad, like the freya cloak, belts, 6 slots bracelets and so on. You could also skip getting all the coins and simply donate for it.

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