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Hi, as the title says, I sell the following character


Naked Female Dark Elf 99/99/80/76


- Main class: Yul Ghost Sentinel


Passives +5

Actives +5 Duel


- Dual class: Aeore Cardinal


Passives +3 to +5

Some actives +3 to +5 mana consumption




Talisman Annihilation

20 Paagrio Warm Breeze (1h)

12 Birthday Vitality Potion (1h)

XP Rune 1-95 100% (7 day)

XP Rune 1-95 100% (12x1h)

16 Octavis' Crystal

7 Istina's Crystal

Enhanced Istina/Tauti/Octavis Bracelets

Agathion XP Bottle 30-hour (20 hours left)

27,000 Olympiad Tokens

380,000 Fame Points


Characters on the same account


- 86 Naked Feoh Storm Screamer with Arcana Power

- 89 Event Set Aeore Shillien Saint


If you need more info or screenshots, PM me in forum.


Selling via Paypal or adena ingame

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