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Brand New 90? Here's Your 5.3 To-Do List!


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I made this post on Reddit, thought I'd bring it here. Enjoy my path that let me get to 477 item level the same day I hit 90 on my Enhance Shaman in 4 hours.


The post I made in regards to what you do when you hit level 90 caught some steam, but now things are different, so I'll try to sum them up here.

  • Get to the Skies. Purchase flying for 2500g (easily acquired by questing 89-90)
  • Visit Wrathion. He is located in an area pinched by Kun-lai Summit, Valley of Four Winds, and Jade Forest. Acquire your Legendary Quest.
  • Head to your capital city (Orgrimmar or Stormwind) and acquire pop-up quest to head to the Isle of Thunder
  • Head to the Isle of Thunder and complete the scenarios that open up the Island of Thunder's phasing to current day
  • Find yourself a Trove of the Thunder King (rare chest) or a rare mob on the Isle of Thunder. Acquire a Key to Lei Shen's Treasure Trove.
  • Complete the Treasure Trove scenario by opening up every chest you see. Focus on acquiring every chest you see, regardless of size, in the first room, left side of the hallway to the 2nd room, and the 2nd room. Head to Youtube for best pathing guides. Pray for Burial Trove Keys and make a goal to get approximately 15-16 Elder Charms of Good Fortune
  • Head to Cho's place and complete his quests to do the two new scenarios, Blood in the Snow and Dark Heart. Each of these will reward you with a chest and 50 Valor. The chest has a chance to give you a piece of loot for your current loot specialization of 463 item level.
  • Attempt to get in a Sha of Anger kill as well as a Galleon kill. Use 2 of your Elder Charms of Good Fortune and may the RNG gods treat you well. With any luck, you'll acquire anywhere from 1 to 4 pieces of 496 gear.
  • Head to Durotar (unsure of Alliance equivalent) and do the small event chain that opens up the weekly quest to gather 150 of each resource from the Northern Barrens (avoiding details to not spoil plot). Make sure you get into a group that is killing the Commanders to acquire lots of resources fast (should kill about 6-8 Commanders for 150 of each resource)
  • When you acquire your Mojo when turning in weekly quest (+200 Valor), check to see if you looted a particular purple token piece of armor. If so, combine this with your Mojo to create a piece of gear appropriate for your loot specialization with a 489 item level. If you don't pick one up, head to the AH and see if you can find Latent Kor'kron Armor for around 1k gold. If so, buy.
  • Head to Kun-lai Summit with your quest and help the old Panda up the mountain. Acquire item level 502 boots for your troubles.
  • If you are using a weapon that is less than 450 item level, queue for the scenario "Arena of Annihilation" and complete it. This will reward you 1 450 item level weapon. For you Rogues, Enhance Shamans, and 2H DKs, you'll have to acquire weapons from LFR or Heroics
  • With any luck, you have reached 460 item level and can queue for MSV LFR. On your first pass through, make sure you use a Elder Charm of Good Fortune on each boss if he can drop an upgrade for you. The chance to get gear from T14 LFR has been greatly increased.
From here on out, your gearing strategy will be tied to RNG. Once you complete all of LFR MSV, hope that your item level is 470. If it is not, do random Heroic Dungeons and collect any loot you can. Your item level is boosted by gear you don't even equip as long as you are ABLE to equip it. Acquire 463 blues and spend 750 Justice Points to upgrade them to 471 item level. With some preserverance, you can enter LFR Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring.

Once you get to 470, you'll be tied into more luck with getting drops, but your goal is to do anything you can to get to 480 item level. In order to get to 480, continue to run LFR HoF and ToES. You can use your Elder Charms on bonus loot even after you have already downed a boss in a particular week. Spend all of your tokens. You'll either 1) run out of tokens or 2) get to 480. If you run out, try again the following week with 15+ new chances at loot by repeating your Treasure Trove Run. Also make sure that you acquire 50 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune to acquire 3 Mogu Runes at the lowest floor at your Pandaria capital city and go kill Oondasta and Nalak. Use one Mogu Rune on each. If you hit 480, do the following:

  • Acquire the quest "Heroic Deeds" and find/form a group of 3 and queue for a random Heroic Scenario. By completing any random Heroic Scenario, you will get a guaranteed random 516 item level item. I got a 516 cloak the first time I did this, so I'm not sure what all drops.
  • At 480, Throne of Thunder LFR is open to you allowing you access to everything available at this point. Spend your Mogu Runes appropriately (in Throne of Thunder LFR, but only if you're unable to do regular modes) on Oondasta and Nalak.
Best of luck to all of you as you gear out your new 90's!
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