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New Embersilk Farm 2-4K+ Embersilk Cloth/hour Twilight Highlands | Best Farm


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-Level 90
-Potion of Treasure Finding
-Good Ranged Class to tag Mobs(Warlock/Priest/Hunter/Mage/Boomkin/Hunter)
-2+ People to make it efficient(More people=faster mobs respawn=more cloth/hour)
-Access to Twilight Highlands
-If you plan to do this farm with a friend make sure you are not in a party, just have ur friend closer to the town and you be a bit further up or vice versa for best farm results.

Location Twilight Highlands

Credits: Founder and creator of this Embersilk Farm is "Zlafterlife" Twitch
Credits: Farmer in the video is "Norrski" Twitch

This spot was producing over 8000+ embersilk per hour before nerf. When Afterlife and Norrski were testing it. But now its producing 2-3k+ embersilk cloth an hour depending on how many people are farming the spot. The more people farming the faster the mobs spawn.

*Video will be available soon after it is done processing.
*If you cannot watch the video here on the site, click the title of the video. It will bring you to the actual youtube link.
*Here is a direct link to the video if the above one does not work>
The video shows a glimpse at the farm spot so you can understand how the farm itself works.

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