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Avoid Getting Banned For Botting And Buying Or Selling Gold!


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While this little wall of text here won't guarantee you won't get banned ever, I've still decided to sum up everything I've learned in the past, from both others and my own experience and mistakes and put them all in here. While I'm sure there are many other tips that could've been added and of which I haven't thought yet (and btw, feel free to comment and post them!), following these little pieces of advice can save you from getting your account banned. One thing I'd like to add before reading this - if you truly care enough about your account and you're not willing to risk a chance of let's say 1% of getting banned or even receiving a warning on it, please don't take your chances with it. I've been there and it was horrible. Luckily with the help of Fisher I've managed to overturn that ban, but one thing I know for sure - I'll never ever risk my main account for anything. Best tip would be to save some cash and actually buy yourself a second account. Trust me, it's worth it and it will pay for itself sooner or later, in gold or actual cash.


Avoid getting banned for buying gold


Should you ever decide to buy or sell WoW gold, you should be aware of a few tips that could save them from getting banned, suspended or ending up with the in-game transaction reversed. However, I won't get into the details regarding any gold selling websites or any of the issues that can occur from buying gold from a specific website, but instead I will approach the subject from Blizzard's and the gaming community's points of view.


First of all, and maybe even the oldest trick in the book, is to use a VPN (Virtual private network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and assign yourself the IP of a completely different country than yours. The reason why this tip is one of the most common ones around is that shall you ever get caught by Blizzard purchasing or selling gold or any other items and end up getting banned, you can always submit a ticket (preferably one or two days after the incident), from your own home IP address and claim you have been hacked and the person who gained access to your account used it to buy or sell gold or items. Another useful tips who falls under the range of an alleged hack claim would be to disable (if it's enabled) your mobile authenticator, since even if an account is still hackable through authenticator, Blizzard will likely deny that and claim you've framed yourself for the account hack, so it's in your best interest to turn it off a few days or weeks before buying or selling gold.


Second of all, from my own experience, the safest way to buy or sell gold is via the in-game Auction House system. This means that if you want to buy gold, the gold seller will instruct you to post an item (preferably not some grey thing and rather some nice green/blue item that can be used for twinks or transmog) and they will buy it off you from the Auction House for the amount of gold you've settled, or otherwise if you're selling to them.


However, if you decide not to use the Auction House and instead go with the face-to-face trade, the chances of getting banned for buying or selling gold decrease dramatically when you're trading using a higher level character instead of a level 1, and even to another higher level character (for instance, trading from a level 90 character to a level 57 or even a level 90 one). If you can make sure you can accomplish this point, it would be great if you could even throw a few random items in that game trade window (if you decide to buy/sell gold using a face-to-face transaction via in-game trade) so it looks like you're actually buying or selling some items for actual in-game currency, which is perfectly legitimate. Also, you should discuss it with the gold seller/buyer to meet somewhere else rather than at the local capital city's bank where every level 15 scrub can point at who's buying gold and who's not. Pick up a different and remote location, outside the capital city or even inside, in some tavern.


You should not discuss anything at all regarding buying or selling gold in game, especially with the guy you're buying or selling it to, unless he's really fluent in English and can play along as your friend or a legit WoW player who sold you some items!


Third of all, you should try and avoid buying or selling large amounts of gold at one time and rather buy or sell less and more often.


Last but not least, even if I won't advertise any such websites involved in gold selling or buying, you should however make sure you're conducting the transaction with a highly legitimate website, one that preferably uses their own VPN in case they are Asian or in case their own IPs are being already tracked by Blizzard and a company whose employees are fluent in written English, just so you be sure they understand what you want and the way you want perfectly.


Avoid getting banned for botting


If you were to use any such botting or 3rd party softwares, the first and probably the most common advice would be to not get greedy about it, and rather see it as a long-term investment, meaning that you shouldn't bot 24/7 but instead take often and random breaks for it. One of the most important keys when it comes to WoW bots is to make your botting character look and behave as human as possible, both in-game and in real life.


Your in-game character should have a decent and level appropriate gear equipped even while leveling using a bot, because seeing a level 87 character trying to quest or grind mobs in level 59 gear seems weird enough to be deemed a bot by any pair of eyes. You should try and personalize your botting character as much as you can, meaning a nice transmog, a pretty decent title, and some less common riding mounts. A few achievements, especially the quest related ones would also decrease the risk of you getting banned for botting. Also, while this might be a pretty common sense advice, you should also be aware that having a normal looking name will also help you bot safely comparing to having some random name obtained by bashing your face into the keyboard or having a chimpanzee typing it for you.


Your real life botting routine should be exactly what it sounds - a real life routine, meaning as a normal human being, you shouldn't be online 18 hours a day, everyday, just mining ores and collecting herbs while ignoring everyone and taking scheduled trips to the mail and back, while allegedly urinating in a bottle near your computer, so basically somewhere along the lines of 6-8 hours of botting a day should be okay. Think of it that less is more. Even if Blizzard might not be watching you, other players may and they will most likely report you which can lead to your account getting banned.


Another very important tip about botting safely is to try and supervise it as much as you can. Use a second monitor or a laptop and try and look at it as much as you can make sure you're not being followed around by people, getting stuck or flying around with your AFK on. You should also alternate your profiles (preferably use customized ones over public ones), your farming spots and even your routine, meaning you shouldn't login and logout at the same hours every day, and rather do a few random logouts during your daily botting session as well as do a random quest or dungeon by yourself every now and then. You should also choose your farming spot carefully and not use your bot in crowded areas or during peak hours unless you can completely supervise it. You should pay attention to what people talk in the general area chat, as well as whispers or emotes you may receive and preferably reply to them. You should engage in random discussions in your guild or with friends every now and then while botting just to remind everyone you're not just sitting there in the dark for hours and not saying anything.


While I won't advertise any bots, it's recommended you use a highly safe bot with good support and regular updates (make sure you always check for updates of both WoW and the bot before running the automated software).


Since most of the times WoW botting and Auction House exploitation go hand in hand, again, you shouldn't get greedy when it comes to selling what you farm by botting. You should either look for a trustable buyer who will take the goods off your hands or sell them at the Auction House, little by little, without drawing attention on yourself and without destroying your servers' market. Also you should really act and behave like you've worked to gain the goods you're selling, meaning if everyone is selling a stack of ores for 100 gold, you shouldn't get gold horny and just sell it for 50 gold a stack. Of course, if your buyer is willing to buy more from you directly, you can make a decent discount to let's say 85-90 gold per stack.


Also, the VPN and the hack claim work just as well for any botting related bans. Just make sure not to mess up when you're logging on your own personal account (assuming you have a main account and a botting one) from the same botting VPN IP.


This is pretty much what I could come up with off the top of my head. If you guys would like to hop in and add more tips, feel free to do it!


Best wishes!

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