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Embersilk Cloth Farming Spot 3 - Vashjir - Thousands Of Mobs


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Hey MaxCheaters,


Bokutox here again with another awesome Guide :


So, was doing some questing and camee across this spot..its Quite amazing actually, and I felt like shareing it with all of you as this is the FIRST.... time this is being posted on Ownedcore.





1) Potion of Treasure Finding q


2) Level 85+


3) This Quest Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashjir - WoWHead Link<-- QUEST


::: NOTE ::: You MUST.... Start the Quest Chain in Vashjir, and Follow it until you get to the Above Quest - There is a LOT of quests in this area! Be Warned!


4) Tailoring 400 Skill + ( Enchanting will bring you the Most Gold. )



5) Bokutox's In Game Macros (Optional)


(Addon to Auto Sell Junk - I personally use Raegrent Restocker --> Reagent Restocker - Bags & Inventory - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse







Black LINE = where the MOBS are Spawnd --- MUST have thee QUEST in order to see ( i think. maybee chks.







Mage Speed Exploit Requirements:


1) Download and Extract folder to your Desktop ( or Programs Folder, which ever - Add Shortcut.)



2) Download ---> [ Custom Peerblock Folder (195.12.235.x + Blocked)




Mage Speed Exploit - FIX 8/1/14 - WORKING )


iBlock Lists - Blizzard IPS -- CLICK!

^^^^^^ CLICK to VIEW ^^^^^^


1) Click the Link above.


2) Open Peerblock


3) Click " LIST MANAGER "


4) Click " ADD"


5) Select " ADD URL (If not already selected)


6) Copy the " UPDATE URL ( from the site i linked ) And paste into " ADD URL in Peerblock )



--- For thoes who didnt Click - Copy and Paste THIS into peerblock.


7) Click " OK "


8) Click the " X" and you should see " GENERATING LIST CHACHE " Let this do its thing! and Now all you need to do is Activate it.


9) DONE!

Hope this Guide helped you out as it did me.


If you are Unclear about HOW to Block your PERSONAL IP. Please visit my CRZ post ( to get TLPD, and any other Rares )


Bokutoxx CRZ Post - Click to View


HOW TO - Mage Speed Exploit - Read if Intersted + Video on How to.



Glyph of Rapid Teleportation (Minor)


Glyph of Blink


Glyph of Rapid Displacement


Glyph of Arcane Explosion



How To Block Your IP ( If you play Mage /or/ Want TLPD/ Any other Rares )

** This might seem... DIFFICULT... but in reality its SUPER easy - Keep a Cool Head, and just Do as i say! **


1) Go into your Command Prompt ( Windows Key - type CMD - then Enter )


2) Type ----- netstat -n | find ":3724" ------ In the Command Prompt.


3) You will see 1-5 differnt IPS on the FAR RIGHT of the Window. *** ESTABLISHD *** are the ones we Care about.


4) If any of the *** ESTABLISHED *** IP's Start with___ 195.12.xxx.xx___ Then you Dont have to do Anything.


5) If Any of the *** ESTABLISHED *** IP's---- DONT --- Start with___ 195.12.xxx.xxx___ Then you MUST.. Read the rest of this Guide!






6) If you saw an IP in the Command prompt that was .... (EXAMPLE IP), You would enter ---> (LEFT IP), ( RIGHT IP) -- Follow the Picture Above!


7) DONE!, Log into WoW- Peerblock - DISABLED, and once in the game, you can do what eve you want!!!


REFERENCE ( My Post - Further Explanation of WHAT you can do ) ----> Bokutox's TLPD/ Camel Fig / CRZ Exploit Post.




How To :


When you get to this spot, and have Accepted the Quest mentioned, you will see THOUSANDS of mobs around this Area:



When you get to this Area I Reccomend starting at One end, and Killing a Ton of them Stacked on eachother.


1) if youCan.. Use a Minimum type of DD to get Agro on them, stack them up and Kill them.


2) Looting them can be... Painfull since we are Under water, and AOE looting doesnt exaclty get them all as u gotta swim near others.


3) If done Correctly, you should be making roughly 10+ stacks every 5 minutes. + Chests + greens.


4) See Image Below, of how it looks when killing.






::: NOTE ::: All mobs, in WoW Will DESPAWN after 5 Minutes. So your aware,make sure to LOOT!





As Always, Thanks for Looking =) Will try to put a Video up, but its been craylatel


I have Many Methods for Making HUGE ammounts of Gold, and Farm spots.



Good Luck!

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