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hello, selling adena in core

9kkk in stock (1kkk-35euro)

and the items below list

payment with bank transfer only, 1st money then adena

if u dont trust me, we can make semi trade's

pm for skype:andrzej13011982


Hi, I renew my sale I tried to sell here before Adena was cheated the first me for 16b,and has since been sold on Polish auction website Allegro something like Ebay
but I have enough adena of items that hard to sell me everything in a short time, from now on let's not write to me THIEVES I accepts only bank transfer now,
below I present what I have to sell and for how much, sorry for my English because it is also the best below I present a conversation with a crook and messages with
paypal where I was cheated



RE: Case number 402031
On 16 October 2014.

Sir Andrew ******,

Thank you for contacting us to verify the account of the Lord. Mr. complaint has been referred for consideration by the Complaints Department. We would like to provide additional clarification on this matter.

Sir Andrew, after checking the Lord your PayPal account registered e-mail at *************@interia.pl we can confirm that on 10 October 2014. Received two payments from the Lord's easyliving6969@hotmail.com in the amount of 400,00 and 240,00 EUR EUR. The numbers of these transactions, respectively: 16B70695KS153415E and 2RG60626M76983633.

On 10 October 2014. Above amounts have been temporarily suspended because buyers reported that these transactions were not authorized. If we receive notification of an unauthorized transaction, we are committed to make its analysis. The numbers of cases in connection with the investigation to PP-003-455-876-581 and PP-003-455-876-689.

Our analysis has been completed on the same day, October 10, 2014. Since we could confirm that these transactions occurred as a result of unauthorized access to the account of the buyer, both of the above amounts are withdrawn from the account of the Lord on account of the buyer.

At this stage, check to see if the Lord transactions are covered by the protection program sellers. Our data suggest that none of the above transactions were not marked on the details of the transaction as a candidate for protection under the protection sellers. Therefore, unfortunately, we are not able to give you supply in connection with these transactions.

Our program for the protection of the Lord protects sellers against claims, chargebacks and cofnięciami payments initiated because of unauthorized purchases or do not receive the object by the buyer. With the protection you may recover the full amount of the transaction eligible for the program.

The basic requirements that must be met for a transaction to qualify for the Seller Protection:
The resulting type of payment Payment must be commercial, ie. For goods or services.
Item must be sent to the address on the Transaction Details page.
Payment must be sent with a PayPal account.
• Protection covers only tangible goods that can be sent to the recipient by mail (for protection do not qualify eg. Services or digital goods).
The transaction should be marked as a candidate for the Protection of selling on the details of the transaction.
In case of unauthorized payments required to provide proof of shipment. In the case of a complaint of "Item Not Received" we require proof of delivery.
It is possible to respond to requests to provide us with documentation and other data.

To learn more about the principles of the protection sellers PayPal and refer to the detailed terms and conditions, please click the link at the bottom of the legal agreements of any PayPal page, and then click User Agreement PayPal.

Sorry because of its difficulties in connection with this matter and thank you for contacting PayPal service.


Hubert Ziolkowski
Complaints Department

Copyright © 1999-2014 PayPal. All rights reserved.
PayPal (Europe) S.à amp; et Cie, SCA Société en commandite par Actions.
The official registered office: 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg, RCS Luxembourg B 118 349.
Please help Google Translate improve quality for your language here.
                                                                                                                      List of items for sale and much more on PM
Edited by DaroPL

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  • 3 weeks later...

The char is Hacke3r and he is one scamer, ppl dont buy adena to him so he ll scamed. CAREFULL TO ALL.

You are normal?I do not know who you are writing, and what interests me a nickname Hacke3r there? I showed the people here like I was robbed here. If you have not bought anything from me please do not spam in my Topic

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12kkk in stock (1kkk-35euro)

and the items below list

payment with bank transfer only, 1st money then adena

if u dont trust me, we can make semi trade's

pm for skype:andrzej13011982



+8 Bloody Eternal Tunic --- Sold

+8 Bloody Eternal Stocking --- Sold



if you do not believe me see the money from the buyers are in Polish but it is easy to understand i repeat TRUSTED SELLER



Edited by DaroPL

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next impostor scammer detected and disclosed wants to buy me adena 1.5b says that the Bank will transfer, So I give him all the information needed to transfer back after 30 minutes and sends me a card filled on a computer xD where there is no stamp and signature of the employee BANK xD   ppl what u wana scamm me do not writen to me is waste on you and mine TIME THX scammer Skype name : sro_mm



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hello, selling adena in core

9kkk in stock (1kkk-35euro)

and the items below list

payment with bank transfer only, 1st money then adena

if u dont trust me, we can make semi trade's

pm for skype:andrzej13011982



+5 Blessed Valakas -- 25b or 8755euro  ----- SOLD

+5 Blessed Antharas -- 37b or 1295euro ------ SOLD

+9 Bloody Circlet -- 5.5b or 192euro  ----- SOLD

+9 Bloody Gloves --- 5.5b or 192euro ----- SOLD

+8 Bloody Shoes -- 5b or 175euro   ----- SOLD

30day drop Rune -- 300kk or 10euro    ---- SOLD


also character for sell --  Feoh MysticMouse 99/ Heal 99/80/80   ----- SOLD



Today I have for sale Top Feoh server Innova Core Feoh created with the Dark Elf lvl 99 Dual class is Aeore Shilent Saint 99lvl and two

sub-class lvl 80 Feoh has 12 point ability


form practically sell or a set of items (clothes), jewelry and unarmed !!! What is the form of this active Skil weapons

only in the Olympics as: Celestial Shield - 5sec immortality / Spell Clarity lvl5 - reduces consumption for use MP / Refresh / Reflect Damage / Heal lvl10 - restores about 2.5k HP / Blessed Body / Mental Shield / character also has Aria's Barclet wit that increases HP

531 and adds +3 to statistics wit, your account is additionally Blaze Shirt lot of potions little subdued to enchant armor and weapons (Hair accesory - Wings of Destiny Circlet - which means that the character was a hero) and the characters are open stony to enchantowania weapons such as Lesser Giant, Giant Blessed and Blessed

                                                                   Enchant skils form


Superior Weapon Mastery + 10Power

Superior Robe Mastery + 10Power

Superior Anti Magic + 10Power

Superior MP Boost + 5Power

Superior Fast MP Recovery +5 Power

Superior Clear Mind + 5Power


Crystal Form + HP 5Fast

Elemental Spike + 10Duel

Elemental Crush + 10Duel

Elemental Destruction + 10Duel

Death Breath + 10Duel

Death Howl + 7Duel

Elemental Blast + 8Duel

Elemental Storm + 8Duel

Devil's Curse + 10M.def.

Mass Devil's Curse + 7M.Def.

Ignore Divinity + 8Chance

Shadow Snare + 5Cost

Ultimate Body To Mind + 5Power MP

Unleash Hell + 8Entangle

Death Mass Unleash Hell + 8Entangle

Wizard Spirit + 10Time

Air Ride + 6Time

Arcane Barrier + 10Time

Double Casting + 10Time

Death of Lord + 5Power

Hell Binding + 8M.Def.

Mass Hell Binding + 8M.Def.

Death Fear + 8Chance

Mass Death Fear + 8Chance

Magical Evasion + 5Distance

Magical Charge + 5Distance

Devil's Sway + 5Cost

                       Dye, Ability Point, and Skil Dual Class Sub class

Ability Point:

Noble Empower - lvl.4 M.Atk. + 14% Recovery skill power 211

Blessed Noble Soul - lvl.2 Max MP + 10%

Noble Acumen - lvl.2 Casting Spd. + 4%

Noble Wizard Buffs - lvl.2 Aerial Yoke and Mental Attack success and resistance bonus + 10% Enchant Skill Revelation

Noble Robe Attack - lvl.2 M.Atk. + 6% When a robe is equipped, Recovery skill power +94


Lv5 Legendary symbol INT - INT +5 WIT +1, Water Resistance +25

Lv5 Legendary symbol INT - INT +5 WIT +1, Water Resistance +25

WIT Lv5 Ancient Symbol - WIT +5, Wind Resistance +25

Dual Skill and Sub class

Sub-P. Atk. / M.Atk. Increases lv.4 - P. Atk. + 4%, M. Atk. 6%

Sub-P. Def. / M. Def. Increases lv.4 - P. Def. + 4% M.Def. 4%

Sub-Atk.Spd / Casting Spd. Increases lv.4 - Atk.Spd. + 4%, Casting Spd. + 4%

Dual - Psyhical Trait Lv.1 Increases - Increases success rate for physical attacks and physical defense by 20%

Dual - Mental Trait Lv.1 Increases - Increases success rate for mental attacks and mental defense by 20%

In addition, your account has character  the AntQueen and Orfen having weapons and armor



 I wont give items for 1000+ euro first. Scamers go away noobs.


interested please contact me by skype : andrzej13011982

Edited by DaroPL

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that guy named CR on skype, scammed me for 230 euro some days ago.. you can check my post about it! he chargedback the money one day after and paypal decided to put it back on his account. name here Ryer. Skype name C R or CRjety

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everyone knows u at core xD just dont delete your name, btw ppl are wasting so much cash for adena in a game that doesnt worth anything, prices are extremly high, and also anyone could post this site link and report u for this and your account woould get banned, so my advice for  u is to remove the screens.

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