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Hello guys.








Offering adena at l2tales.com Empire High Five x20.




Why adenadepot?

​​1. Trusted sellers; I am a guy you can rely on. You can trust me and you will be never banned.

2. Adena is delivered by the self-created method of trading ingame currency, which helps to avoid 99% of bans;

3. Cheapest & stabile prices according to all adena traders all over the server;

4. Discounts for big deals;

5. Awesome mood after purchase & humanistic attitude to people.




S&P (Stock and Price) :

Stock: QUIT

Price: QUIT

Sold: 375b



Payment methods:

√ PayPal

√ Webmoney (WMZ/WMR/WME)



2eaje2v_th.pngBeware of scammers. Each 3rd guy which sells adena can be a scammer. Keep watch2eaje2v_th.png



2eaje2v_th.pngAlways mind that adenadepot accepts only gifts if payment comes via PayPal.2eaje2v_th.png






Other topics and feedbacks of mine:


http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/182943-wts-adena-new-l2worldorg-x20-high-five/ - L2World x20

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