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WTS Account Boosting Team [Low Prices]

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We provide our services for all of the servers and we can also be paid with USD..


Skype: accountboostingteam



For each Bronze Division is: 10€
For each Silver Division is: 15€
For each Gold Division is: 20€


Bronze 3 account boosted to Silver 5. ---> 10(b2)+10(b1)+15(tier bo5 series*)= 35€ total cost
Silver 2 account requests boosted to Gold 5. ---> 15(s1)+20(tier bo5 series*)=35€ total cost
Gold 2 account requests boosted to Platinum V ---> 20(g1)+25(tier bo5 series)=45€ total cost

Tier series= When from Division 1 with 0 points you get boosted to 100+the promo games.

Question: Why aren't there boosts above Gold

Answer: We could make this offer too.It would be good money for us. But think it over for a second.How could you possibly stand in that elo if you re silver,bronze or low ranked Gold?Do you really want your account to be reported and get banned for being a feeder, or unskilled player who obviously got boosted up there?Do you really think you can stand and play at that level?Be honest with yourselves.The answer is NO you cant play up there.We have invited countless summoners who are into these ranks to play vs plat-diamonds.They ALL lost their lanes so hard it would be mathematically guaranteed that they would do so in ranked games too.So why bothering to pay that much and prolly lose your account for that whilst your main goal is to get the season awards?

1)You WONT be allowed to enter ranked games as long as i/we play with it. breaking the rule even once i/we automatically stop the boost.Normals or ranked teams are allowed of course.
2)I/we might buy any champion we think we need.
3)you re forced to change your passwords after finished so you will never accuse the booster for scam.
4)No refunds in any case.
5)I dont need your accounts since i already possess high ranking accounts,so your accounts are worthless for me.plus i hate scammers
6)Spectate if you want.you might learn something new.constructive critisism-feedback is always good
7)Payments first.ID/Pass & Boosts afterwards.
8)I acknowledge that you may wish to play some games with your friends or for fun.Inform us when you wish to login



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