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Lineage ][ Kings





= Rates =


Exp/Sp: 15x

Adena : 15x

Epic raid drops: 1x

Spoil rate: 15x

Quest Adena rate: 3x

Quest Exp rate: 3x

Party Exp rate: Retail 

Safe Enchant Rate = 4

Enchant Rate for Magic Weapons Lower than Level 15: 66%

Enchant Rate for Magic Weapons Equal or Post Level 15: 30%

Enchant Rate for Normal Weapons Lower than Level 15: 70%

Enchant Rate for Normal Weapons Equal or Post Level 15: 35%

Enchant Rate for Armors Retail Like.

Spawn Protection = 30s

Max Buy Stores = 4

Max Sell Stores = 3

The maximum wards number captured is limited to 3.

6 Players limited on 1 IP.


PvP Protection System in place.

PvP Level Range 10 = The range between 2 players that are doing PVP or PK, if out of that range(+/- 10 levels), then no PK or PVP Points will be counted.


= Features =


Olympiad matches from 18hs to 24hs. (GMT +2 server time)

Olympiad quests and arenas updated to High Five.


Advanced Community Board


/Nemo Protection\

Nemo Protect can be described very plainly – protection from cheaters. It is simple, reliable and almost invisible nevertheless able to protect you from any kind of trouble regarding illicit software. Nemo Protect is as necessary for any good server as a web-site or a forum.


Nemo has only one function – protection and it copes with it perfectly!

- Blocks every kind of known bots.

- Blocks any kind of program that tries to capture the client-server connection.

- Encrypts the traffic between a server and a client thus eliminating a possibility of its modification with programs like l2phx (packet hacks).


DDoS Protection (Distributed Denial of Service) 

Intelligent, non-disruptive and instantly effective DDoS Protection. Comprehensive defense against all layer 3-4 and 7 DDoS threats.


99% High Five features perfectly working.

Offline Shop can be setup using the Mouse Coin from your inventory.

Weight Limit increased for all.

Dragon Vortex with bosses and quests working.

Lair of Antharas Bosses.

Knoriks Pathway

Rework on chances 99% L2Off.

Mobs AI files 99% L2Off.

Mob Spawn 99% L2Off accurate .

Quest, Instances full working 99% l2Off.

Full Geodata reworked.

All skills formulas are 99% L2Off.

Hellbound, Tower of Naia, Epidos and Beleth.

Sel Mahum training grounds.

All conquerable halls working.

Kratei's Cube.

Seed of infinity up to stage 5.

Seed of destruction up to stage 4.

Seed of anihilation quests and raids working.

And more...


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