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[Free] Best Share - L2Jlisvus Rev.460

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Hello Mxc, This Is L2JLisvus Pack. Rev460 There are Fixses
C4 (Scions of Destiny)

- Fixed several problems with mobs not returning to their posts. Thanks Karakan.
- Corrected spawns of few monsters being spawned in Worshippers Hallway. Thanks Karakan.
- Fixed summons being unable to switch targets during attack. Thanks Karakan.
- Fixed a summon aggro related problem. Thanks Karakan.
- Partial fix of summon stop attacking when casting a skill. Now, it will continue attacking if skill is offensive. Thanks Karakan.
- Fixed map region problem. Thanks Karakan.
- Added a small but important check to many quests to prevent errors similar to those reported by Karakan. Thanks a lot.
- Olympiad will display ranking alphabetically, if heroes are formed. Thanks xlinkinx.
- Those who are dead or in fishing mode cannot request for a trade. Thanks xlinkinx.
- Fixed a broken message in L2Summon.
- Now, all rbs will return back to spawn point if they are dragged too far (before it used to work just for rbs with minions).
Login Server optimization.
There had been a case where LS loaded all ThreadPool types just for a single schedule in IP ban.
This was completely a waste, so LS now uses a different way to declare IP ban time.
Also, LS will now load server id, names, and key pairs at start up just like it should. Before, they used to be loaded at first account login attempt.
Ban time due to mistyping password has become configurable.
Removed few useless closes in GameServerTable, and that's all for Login.
- Fixed Red-Eyed Invaders quest error. Thanks Karakan.
- Added security checks to all ThreadPool types.
- Small calculation changes in ValidatePosition.
This was done to improve coord synchronization, so there is a possibility of fixing some of the reported GeoData bugs by Karakan.
- Added a message to unblockip command in order to inform admins of how to unban IPs. Thanks Cartman.
- Re-added HackingException to AuthLogin. Well, you never know. 
- Configurable teleportation to towns, the castles of which are under attack. Thanks Cartman and dandiarena.
- Fixed map region problem with players getting ported from Alligator Island to Giran Castle Town. Thanks WilliamFS.
- Fixed map region problem with players getting ported from Lair of Valakas to Talking Island Village.
- Fixed NPE error. Thanks xlinkinx.
- CP is not set to 0 during respawn in retail. Thanks xlinkinx.
- Fixed chests containing wrong drops. Thanks xlinkinx.
- Fixed Giants Cave Exploration quest error. Thanks lordeze.
- Updated gmshop buylists. Thanks mystogan64 for your contribution.
- Fixed possible shortcut problem. Thanks Karakan.
- Restore CP/HP/MP during TvT respawn. Thanks jamaica.
- /block command can now block trade. Thanks yusuketh for reporting this problem.
- Reuse delay is working for potions again. Thanks dandiarena for reporting.
- Corrected few gm teleports.
- Added missing tax in a multisell list.
- Hate should not be applied to mobs while casting a skill on hated target, if target is caster's pet.
- Added a small test check to login. (has a chance to prevent IG walkers from logging in.)
- Auto Reward ip check. Thanks dandiarena & jamaica for pointing it out.
- Updated Test of the Summoner quest. It should now be completed without problem.
- Maximum number of SubClasses is configurable now. Thanks mystogan64.
- Renamed L2Script class to L2ScriptEngine.
- Added 5 Archangels to Baium AI (L2J-like). However, once players attack Baium, angels will as well.
- Fixed Confuse mob skills not considering success rate and landing even on RBs.
Also, improved the way confuse skills work.
- Corrected Rapid Shot usage. Thanks Karakan.
- Added a missing Grandmaster. Thanks Karakan.
- Exploration in Giants Cave Part 1 update and cleaning. Thanks Karakan.
- Added 2 missing htmls.
- Increased Lightning Strike effect power.
- Added NPE check & few details in L2Script.
- Reverted Clan Hall message due to lack of accurate remaining time. It's now sent every time Clan Warehouse deprives of adena.
- Some Knownlist checks and changes to allow AI work properly for mobs, confused or not.
- Added missing coords used by Geodata checks for all doors. Thanks lordeze for reporting.
- Changed the way mobs used to call faction or get target while confused. Monster knownlist doesn't include anything apart from playable characters by default, so mobs will now use players knownlist instead. Tested and worked good enough.
- Ketra/Varka alliance support implementation. Thanks lordeze for reporting.
- Fixed Possessor of a Precious Soul 2 errors. Thanks lordeze, and scave for reporting.
- Fixed extractable items of Clean up the Swamp of Screams quest not working. Thanks scave for reporting.
- Fixed debuff-negating skills not working. Also, improved the way the whole function is done. Thanks scave for reporting.
- Fixed Cure of Seraphim not removing Silence skills.
- Fixed all common/dwarven recipe book bugs. Thanks lordeze for reporting.
- Fixed bug as related to dwarven craft being learned by subclasses of a dwarven character.
- Fixed Create Common Item level 9 not being auto-learned, if skills aren't auto-learned.
- Fixed Create Common Item being learned at level 1, instead of 5.
- Super Haste is now Toggle-like, as requested. Well, people are too lazy to disable it using command, but whatever.
- Added bought/sold htmls for many merchants, instead of using the same html for everything.
- Removed a bad condition in WarWithVarkaSilenos quest.
- Removed bad Gremlin spawns.
- Added Config to Enable/Disable Tutorial. Can be found in altSettings. Thanks a lot yusuketh for suggesting.
- Removed useless checks in CharInfo packet.
- Added a small check for a command channel configuration (just in case admins mess it up).
- Added some olympiad safety checks.
- Moved a Ketra html to merchants, so that it pops up.
- Changed the way that skills are given during subclass change, or leveling (autolearnskills = true).
It used to execute a greater number of queries than that of all skills together x 2. Please report any issues.
Added Soulshot/SpiritShot function for NPCs.
- Added retail ss/bss (at least close to it) for all pets/summons.
- Removed level up message for pets.
- Fixed summons problem properly (packets were getting messed).
It looks like Hp & Mp regeneration was not being cancelled for L2SummonInstance.
Old hack aka fix used to fully restore hp and mp before unsummon, which automatically stopped regeneration.
- Added ss/bss for Varka Silenos monsters.
- Added ss/bss for Ketra Orc monsters.
- Added ss/bss for Imperial Tomb monsters.
- Added ss/bss for Forge of the Gods monsters.
- Added ss/bss for Rift monsters (rift is not implemented yet, but this means nothing).
According to lordeze's feedback, there have been some aggro issues.
The following changes have been made as related to aggro system:
- Increased Z diff. It was 300 before, but some mob spawns had really bad Z coords and were not aggro.
- Diff has been increased to 400. I believe that more mobs will get aggro now (according to tests with Varka Silenos & Ketra Orc spawns)
- Added small check to Event Aggression to prevent small hate bugs.
- Fixed mob faction, which never worked in l2j (if i'm right).
This feature has also fixed the problem where Orfen minions did not support her.
The same will be done for Queen Ant in the future (ant minions have L2Minion type, so if they get attacked, QA will get aggro, which is not retail.)
- Added some faction checks to Controllable and Siege guard mobs AI.
Miscellaneous changes:
- Removed login message for corrupted client. It's probably not sent at all.
- Added small check for pet inventory.
- Fixed possible NPE for pets.
- Added isQuestMonster boolean, which is currently being used for mob Random Walk.
- Small fix in Admin Event Engine.
From now on, we will be using more advanced libraries.
I believe optimization will be noticed.
Remove old ones and now default libs are the following:
- bsf-2.3.0 (it's still the same, since 2.4.0 has been declared unstable after tests.)
- bsh-2.0b4
- c3p0-0.9.2-pre1
- commons-logging-1.1
- javolution-5.5.1
- jython (was updated in earlier revisions)
- mysql-connector-java-5.1.23-bin
Make sure you report strange errors. Libraries have been tested for 2 days without problems but who knows.
Grand Boss AI scripts have been added for all Grand Bosses.
- Antharas
- Baium
- Core
- Orfen
- Queen Ant
- Valakas
- Zaken
- SpecialCamera packet has been completed. Valakas has already a cinematic spawn, and Antharas a cinematic death (cameras are a bit defective and rarely don't work at spawn).
- A small relief to some mobs auto-attack delay. Attackable AI was set to use all skills apart from passive, but some NOTDONE skills were set to active in xmls. Now, AI checks whether skills have skill type NOTDONE as well. Could be a relief to aggressives not attacking immediately (reported by lordeze) as well.
- Unlockable doors aren't attackable anymore.
- Added 33 and corrected 3 quests by roko91.
- Added readMe texts for multisells and quests by roko91.
- Added missing htmls by roko91.
- Added few missing quest-related multisells by roko91. Thanks a lot.
- Fixed Yeti's Table and Altar of Daimon not being respawned.
- Fixed Varka Holy Altar not being respawned while server was Up.
- Total core support for Repent Your Sins quest.
- Sin-Eater's level has to be the same as owner's. Thanks roko91.
- Sin-Eater is able to attack now. Thanks roko91.
- Sin-Eater consumes all owner's exp.
- Sin-Eater control item is destroyable now.
- Repent Your Sins quest is exited when changing subclass.
- Fixed drop rates for few quests.
- Minor fix in quest for Clan Level 5.
- Some RBs were upgrading soul crystals to stage 12 while they shouldn't. It was C5 info, so it got removed.
- Support for Mana Drain skills. (Mobs use Mana Drain in C4)
- Added Jail teleport option in Admin Teleport Menu.
- Removed EffectType from Poison Blade Dance. It was useless.
- Core support for baby pets.
- Baby Pets heal owner under certain conditions.
- Baby Pets consume some of owner's exp.
- Exp distribution was improved. Might probably fix party exp issues reported by KolyaPlay. Thanks a lot.
- Updated The Wishing Potion Quest. It's retail-like now. Thanks DanielaCZ.
- Removed RB-related altars from spawnlist. They are handled by quests now.
- Added 3 Black Judges to spawnlist.
- Quest drops weren't registered for several new quests. They do now.
- Fixed problem in GrandBoss Teleporters.
- Small fix in CharStat calcStat method, small but can prevent a dozen of NPEs.
- Prevent Skill Mastery from being activated by Potion skills.
-Fixed stackorder for some newbie buffs.
-Potion handler has been modified, so that it calls skillhandler directly. *Now, potions can be used while casting. Thanks kallone.
-Items can now be set as tradeable,dropable, and destroyable in database. Thanks lordeze & dandiarena.
-Party skills are no longer casted upon dead pets.
-Fixed auto attack bug. Character kept attacking even if intention was set to idle or a different one. That' s because attackEndTime task was set to null but not cancelled. However, it was replaced by a boolean, since we don't need cancellable tasks.
-Removed Soul of Fire Nastron and Soul of Water Ashutar from Raid Boss spawnlist.
-Fixed Little Wings quest. Fixed all possible bugs, and improved some checks, so that the quest can't be stucked. Works perfectly now. Thanks lordeze.
-Equippable items can't be used while attacking or casting anymore. (weapons couldn't, but the rest could).
-Players can't use items under special conditions anymore (paralyze, sleep, etc).
-Added checks to some item handlers.
-Added missing configurable chance for Blessed Enchant scrolls. Thanks jamaica.
-Fixed overflowing inventory dropping non-droppable items.
-Removed Hero items and Castle Crowns from list of Non-Droppable items. They are set as non-droppable in DB now.
-After many tests, core was synchronized with client and shortcuts can be stored during switch. Before, if you switched a shortcut with another, only one of them would be saved. Looks like C4 shortcut packets have a different behaviour from other chronicles.

Download : http://downloadconfirm.net/file/04Q5989

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Virus or not, it's 40 revisions prior.

And what would you actually share? It's an open source.



Thank you. :)

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