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[4.3.4]B-Zone Wow International Project


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Update 7.9.2014: Fixed more quests from leveling zones: Duskwood / Arathi Highlands / Dun Morogh / Elwymn Fores / Durotar / Thousand Needles  / Kezan


Raids: Fixed Morchok (Fully Working 10/25 N/HC) - Dragon Soul

         Updated Boss Altairus - The Vortex Pinnacle

         Updated Well Of Eternity / Deadmines

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in which program language are the files coded? do you need a special pc to work on them? also it seems nice as and old player of wow i may give a try :)


Hi akken the server is coded in c++ and sql and the website is made in HTML/CSS/PHP and some sql.


Check out our new intro page on http://wow.b-zone.eu/intro

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By the way I made even more fixes this days: http://wow.b-zone.eu/index.php?page=...gs&changelog=2

Changelog 11.12.2014

Fixed Leveling Zones Quests 

Step One: The Priestess 
Strategic Cuts 


Buy Us Some Time 
Where the Wild Things Roam 

Tol Barad 

Cursed Shackles 


Beneath the Surface 
Wrath of the Fungalmancer 
Lost In The Deeps 
On Even Ground 
Battlefront Triage 

Twilight Highlands 

Fury Unbound 
Whispers in the Wind 
Purple is Your Color 
The Weeping Wound 
Mercy for the Bound 


Throne of the Tides: Fixed Loot HC/N 
Blackrock Caverns: Fixed Loot HC/N 
Lost City of the Tol'vir: Fixed Loot HC/N 
Halls of Origination: Fixed Loot HC/N

Wait everyone to report more bugs and more playes to enjoy on our server.

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This week (22.12.2014 - 30.12.2014) we will change a little the server rates.The new rates are below:

Monsters & Quest Xp Rate: x15                                  
Normal/Uncommon/Rare Drops: 10x
Professions Rate: 3x
Honor Gain: 2x
Money Drops: 10x
Reputation Gain: x10
Epic Drops: x10

In 3 weeks since we opened our server we made important fixes and we are trying to fix every bug you are reporting on Bugtracker. If you are interested about fixes we made you can make a check here: http://wow.b-zone.eu/index.php?page=changelogs&changelog=2

We are working at a new reward system for events. After a reward made you will win a custom currency named (Deathbringer Event Coin). With coins you can buy things like (Mounts/Fly Mounts/Heirloom etc) from a NPC that will be added in Orgrimmar/Stormwind.

Important: We are recruiting in our team!

We have an available spot on our team.We are looking for someone that can work on our Youtube channeland Facebook page.We need someone with experience in Photoshop and making movies for our server.If you are interested in this spot add on skype: wowb-zone

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Bump , Thread Style update. Thanks to Pure

Because all Level/Class Realm Firsts were taken and Christmas is near, we prepared a present for every old/new players.

The Promotion Event is available for first 100 Players

This promotion contains:
- A level 85 character, Starter Gear (308 - 333 Ilv) and 10k Gold.

The Gear was chosen so as after you gear you class you can start doing Reputations/Normals/Heroics etc.

To gain the promotion enter ingame and make a ticket like example:
"I want to get the promotion on this character."

Note:This Promotion is available just for one character and you cannot change the character.Once you got the promotion on it you cannot change it with another one.We also please everyone not to bother trying to get Promotion on more characters because it is very easy for a GM to check if you got or no the Promotion.

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