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Lineage ][ Shock | Valiance | 50X | Open Beta Today!


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Dear friends,
We are happy to present you our project, Lineage ][ Shock, a Goddess of Destruction Lineage II Private Server using the ServersRain files.
Our PvP/PvE server features the newest updates to bring you more content than ever. We have a team of experts working on the server console to resolve bugs as fast as humanly possible and provide frequent updates to keep you entertained.
Shikken, the first server created under the Shock name, will start off with the Valiance client and evolve/update to later chronicles when they hit North America.



  • Protected against botting tools by SquirrelShield.
  • Hosted on a powerful dedicated server in France. DDoS Protected. No lags.
  • Powered by ServersRain.



  • Experience Rates: x50 
  • Skill Point Rates: x50
  • Adenas Rates: x500



  • Safe Enchant: +3
  • Maximum Enchant: +25
  • - Regular Scrolls Chance: 65%
  • - Blessed Scrolls Chance: 75%
  • - Elemental Stones Rates: 50%
  • - Elemental Crystal Rates: 40%
  • NPC Buffer gives you all buffs till Lv. 92.

* Valid for effects available from NPC buffers only.


Retail Features

95% of features found in Valiance retail are implemented and available. A short list:

  • Awakening System (34 Awakened Classes)
  • All new classes' skills working
  • Subclasses System
  • Subclasses Certification
  • Dual Classes System
  • New Gear (up to PvP/PvE R99)
  • New Dyes
  • New Talismans
  • Item Appearance System
  • Clan System up to date
  • Clan Entry System
  • Ability System
  • Token Actions
  • Sayune System (all jumps implemented)
  • Olympiads
  • Castle Sieges
  • Fortress Sieges
  • Territory Wars

Level 85+ Hunting Zones (drops Fire Mantras and Fire Runes)

  • Antharas Lair - 85+
  • Bloody Swampland - 87+
  • Garden of Genesis - 90+
  • Orbis Temple - 95+
  • Seed of Hellfire - 97+
  • Raider's Crossroads - 99+

Epic Bosses

  • Queen Ant
  • Core
  • Orfen
  • Zaken (Instanced)
  • Frintezza (Instanced)
  • Baium
  • Antharas (Normal and Instanced)
  • Valakas
  • Balok (Instanced)
  • Spezion (Instanced)
  • Octavis (Instanced)
  • Istina (Instanced)
  • Freya (Instanced)
  • Tauti (Instanced)
  • Earth Wyrm Trasken (Instanced)

Custom Features

  • Loots are automatically obtained.
  • Skills up to level 85 are automatically learned.
  • NPC Buffers.
  • Class Master for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class changes.
  • Global Merchant.
  • Custom NPCs located in Aden.
  • Stores selling up to R99. Adena buys gear till lv. 90. Fire Mantras & Fire Runes for R95 / R99 / Enchant scrolls / Elemental stones & crystals etc.
  • Custom PvP Events every 30mins to aquire PvP exchange Event Medals. Used to purchase R99 PvP Upgrade and various items.


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Don't join this server people.GM is inactive and too lazy to open it.He announce live today 1 week ago,and in one week didn't even logged in on forum and in game.Now comes in forum says live will be announced in one week for advertise,when server is already in topzone and hopzone,what more advertise he wants.

Also classes are unbalanced,many bugs,and no valiance feature implemented.

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