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[L2J] L2 Cross-War


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Grand Opening today! 30.06.2014 at 20:00 GMT+2



We are an L2Acis FULL INTERLUDE server. 
Rates: XP 1000x / SP 1000x / Adena 1000x / Spoil Rate 1x - Amount 1x / Drops 1x.
Enchant Safe: +5 / max +20 with normal and bless scroll / +25 with crystal scroll
Enchant Rate: Normal 60% / Bless 85% / Crystal 99%

Detailed list of changes below: (Last updated 24-Jun-2014) 

  • 100% working Interlude skills. (I mean 100%. All of them work, no exceptions)
  • Interlude debuff slots fully working.
  • Balanced Classes.
  • Auto-learn skills.
  • Auto Loot.
  • Max. level is 80 100%.
  • Fully working Interlude Clan System. (everything works (100%), including clan skills, clans can level up to 6/7/8, academy is working and so on)
  • Zariche and Cursed Weapon System. (Working Zariche, Akamanah)
  • All RB's and Grand Bosses are retail and fully working.
  • Working Interlude Backstab, Gladiator Skills, Cancel and more.
  • Duel System fully working. (1v1 and Party Duel)
  • Quickslots (3 bars) fully working.
  • Interlude minimap working perfectly.
  • Party member locator on chat menu fully working.
  • Flawless Geodata, it works perfectly.
  • Augmentation fully working.
  • All clan halls work perfectly.
  • Interlude Battle Symbol skills fully working.
  • Global GK.
  • Seal Stones Changer.
  • GM Shop.
  • D-A items.
  • S armors/jewels Sealed.
  • S weapons w/o SA.
  • New Added Duals FB*FB
  • Tattoo's Retail Stats.
  • Unsealer NPC.
  • Unseal S armor/jewel with AA+Adena.
  • Put SA on weapons S with AA+Adena.
  • CUSTOM Shop.
  • Platinium Weapons.
  • Platinium Armor.
  • Bless Enchants.
  • RB Jewels.
  • Buffer with all Buffs.
  • 24+4 Buffslots available. (divine Inspiration fully working (level 1, 2, 3, 4))
  • Buff time 1 hour
  • Achievemts Manager
  • Grand Boss Info NPC
  • Siege registration NPC (All castles)
  • Class changer 1/2 free & 3rd - 10kk and reward 1 BOG
  • Weeding manager
  • No Clan Penalties.
  • Custom 1x1 peace zones in spawns to avoid spawnkilling.
  • Subclasses are free.
  • Noblesse with Caradine letter lvl 65 in shop.
  • Olympiad fully working.
  • Olympiad IP restriction (1 char per IP)
  • Olympiad time from 16:00-00:00 GMT+2
  • Hero every week.
  • Hero System and hero skills.
  • Seven signs working 100%.
  • Sieges 100% works.
  • Giran shopping zone.
  • WH Protection.
  • Buff Sell (command /buffshop).
  • Online time reward (command .onlinetime .get_reward_time).
  • Automaticaly vote reward.
  • Offline Shop.
  • Events: Death Match/ Last Man Standing/ TVT/ CTF
  • Other Events: Heavy Medal/ Master of Enchant/ Trivia
  • Master of Enchant reward for weapons from +4 to +16
  • AIO Seller NPC
  • Vip Seller NPC
  • Nobless Seller NPC
  • Custom farm zones
  • Seal Stones: Swamp Of Screams/Stakato Nest/Valley of Saint
  • Apiga: MoS & Crypts of Disgrace

www.l2crosswar.netne.net JOIN NOW!

Register to forum, there is 2 events!

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