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This user got mad just because i didnt want to buy his work and gave me negative feedback without appropriate proof
and he also reported me literally for nothing just because he got insane.


Link of my site with proof of no logo


Just because a member has a paid subscription doesnt give him the right to report anyone who doesnt like and give negative feedback...

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Proof 1:

Proof 2:


Proof 3: (Voqus Comment)
Tried to make the same thing to him too.


I think of everyone in here as an equal, but when i see people that are misbehaving with that kind of actions, especially when it has to do with me then i can't stand still, can i?

As about my work, oh well ill quote what you said and roll away.



Thats pretty good mate.


your logos where crappy




Edited by `iAndre

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I think this guy called "Crystalia" should be banned,he trashtalk to people with no sense & he is acting like a kid. + i saw the logo from Andre in his website too.

i am pretty sure that "CorruptedEmperor" is proly a buddy of Andre if thats how this community works then no reason to stay here and no need to ban me cause i wont login again....

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  • 2 weeks later...

Speak with proofs.

Proofs are here, this topic is almost 2 weeks but no actions hass been taken.


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