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[L2Off] L2 Alternative


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Server Informations.


Server name: Underground

Chronicle: 4 - Scions on Destiny


-Adena/Exp/Sp: 25x

-Set Quest Rewards: Exp :25x

-Set Quest Rewards Adena :10x

Drop Amount 2x

Spoil chance 10x

Spoil Random Max Amount 5x


-Ss/Bss D&C added in Magic/Grocery Stores

-Add C Grade in Armor, Weapon, & Jewelry To Shops

-Giran Luxury Shop Sells B Armor and Weapons For Crystals

-Giran Luxury Shop Sells Soul Crystals Stages 7-10 For Crystals

-Change Basic ports on Gatekeepers (They are like Gracia Final Retail)

-Change Newbie Buffer Npc Requirements To Level 6-78

-Add Retail Adventures' Guide Npc Buffer to Every Town Like Gracia Final

-Set Adventures' Guide Npc Buffer to give Buffs From Level 6-78

-Add Magic Barrier to Adventures' guide buff list

-Added Dance of Fury, Dance of Concentration, and Song of Earth on the Adventures' Guide from level 40-78.

-Added Weight decrease on the Adventures' Guide from level 6-78.

-Gatekeeper porting free for players Level 40 and below

-Add Common Items from Gracia Final

-Add Common Items D-C Grade in Shops

-Add Common Items B-A Grade to drop from Mobs As In Gracia Final

-Add Common Items B-A to blacksmith in Towns to Unsealed and Resealed

-Remove Spell Book From Learning Skills

-Add Buy 1st Class Npc Daeger-Giran Blacksmith Shop (First Class Cost-500k)

-Add Buy 2nd Class Npc Daeger-Giran Blacksmith Shop (Second Class Cost-1kk Per Mark)

-Removed Spell Book Dropping

-Add Basic Mat Recipes To Npc Mineral Trader Kiki In Giran Blacksmith Shop

-Removed No-Low B Grade Materials & Recipes From Drops and Spoils


-Set The Following Quest Item Amount 5x:

The Finest Food

The Finest Ingredients - Part 1

Alliance with Ketra Orcs

Alliance with Varka Silenos

Relics of the old empire(Raid mobs were not increased)

Gather the flames

3rd Class 700 Mob Item (Halisha's Mark)

Whisper of Dreams, Part 1

Supplier of Reagents (All 3 Reagent Pouches & Reagent Box)

-Set The Following Quest Item Amount 10x:

War With Ketra

War With Varka

Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1


Opened on: 30 Mar 2014


Edited by Universe
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