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If you find cheaper I'll sell even cheaper!




1KK (mil) - 6.99 USD

In Stock - 25kk+




1KK (mil) - 6.59 USD

In Stock - 20kk+




1KK (mil) - 5.49 USD

In Stock - 50kk+





1KK (mil) - 6.59 USD

In Stock - 20kk+






1b (billion) - BEST PRICE!

In Stock - 50kkk+







1b (billion) - 0.35 USD

In Stock - 300b+

Items - GCM, ATT Stone/CRY, BEWS, BEAS, Mithril belt S84 any PVP.


Need adena? Add me now!

My Facebook : https://Facebook.com/SHAPORENKO23

My Instagram : https://Instagram.com/Mascac23

My Skype: Mascac23 (petro adena)


Payment method : PayPal, Skrill, BitCoin, Western Union, WebMoney.


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