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How to Pin (Sticky) your Topic

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- How to Sticky/Pin your Topic:

1st Step you need to create a topic only in these areas:


Lineage 2 Private Servers:

Private Servers

[Previews] L2 Private Servers

Lineage 2 Marketplace:

Marketplace [Items & Chars]

Marketplace [L2Packs & Files]

Marketplace [Powerlvl & Support]

General Marketplace:

General Marketplace + subcategories


2nd After you create your topic you need to click "REQUEST TO PIN":



 3rd Choose your option:



4th If you dont see button "REQUEST TO PIN" follow this step only:



- Payment types accepted:

Paypal ( and Paysafecard (by contacting administrator).

**Notice: The topic owner can request clean or lock of his/her topic.

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