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Quality Web/Server developer services for affordable price.


Get in contact, we'll discuss your needs and requirements, decide on the price and we can start working together, simple as that. I'll always try to propose the best possible solution for your or your company. My aim is to get the job done as perfectly as possible rather than as fast as possible. I want my clients to be happy with the product they're given and help them save time while using it.


Ideally I would like to be working with new projects/website although if you need to I'm perfectly capable of making changes, fixing errors or adding new functionality to your current projects/websites assuming I don't have any other on-going projects which are my priority.


I'm aware that I'm a new comer on this forum but I'll make my reputation here in time.


For more information please contact me on:

Skype: artiax.code

Email: artiax.code@gmail.com

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Have any previews of your work (a portfolio of some sorts or just some previews) ?


[LT] P.s. Su tokiu paciu nicku visada budavai ar pasikeitei? Jeigu pasikeitei, tai koks seniau buvo (gal atpazinsiu is kur nors) ? :P

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