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My Freya Pack L2 Era

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   - Safe Enchant: +10
   - Max enchant: +13
   - Blessed Scroll: 100%, up to +10, 0% after (at +11 it will break)
   - Divine Scroll: 100%, up to +13 (Recommanded after +10)
   - Attribute: up to lvl 4, rate 100%

   - Auto Create Account
   - No Clan Penalty
   - No Sub-class Quest
   - Max Sub-class: 3
   - Auto Learn Skills
   - Auto Loot
   - Spawn Protection: 15 seconds
   - Fame/Raid jewels at Merchant
   - Offline Shops
   - Unstuck - 15 sec
   - Buff Time: 3h
   - Mana potions available
   - Buffs: 28/15 including +4 debuff slots
   - Olympiad Enchant Limit: +6
   - 1 Week Olympiad Period
   - Starting points: 18
   - Castle Sieges: Every week
   - Territory Wars: Every week
   - Olympiad Period: Every week
   - Cancellation system, stoled buffs returns after 15 seconds
   - TvT every 1+ hour with big rewards (.tvtjoin in order to participate)
   - .Dressme system (changes clothes ,you can dress with any armor/weapon you want)
   - PvP & Farm Zones (PvP Coin drops only on PvP Zone or Solo Zone)

   - Solo Zone (250 pvp max)
   - Raid Zone (Tiat have 3 hours respawn and give big rewards)
   - PvP Reward (only on pvp zone and solo zone obviously)
   - PvP Class Balance (90% done ,150+ skills reworked)
   - Wedding System
   - Custom Community Board

   - Gatekeeper
   - Buffer
   - Mercenary
   - Clan Reputation Manager
   - PvP Solo Zone
   - Symbol Manager
   - Blacksmith
   - Class Master
   - Sub Class/Clans/Allliances Maximilian

   - .tvtjoin
   - .tvtleave
   - .getreward
   - .dressme
   - .bank
   - .engage
   - .divorce




So guys! i decide to sell my pack to someone who can handle better ,i dont have the money, neither the time to invest into a l2 server now and il go for interlude this time!


!L2Era had 250 online players (190 real peak) ,it died because some issues like adena exploit which i fixed it but a bit late! ,.getreward was never working (this feature dont belong to me so i deleted it ,you still have the mass reward included which is more than enough and multiskill which i have finnaly fixed it), well i still got 410 euro donations in 2 weeks so now im not so sad! XD


All bugs on live has been fixed now! If you will have problem! i will be here becuz if i can improve my pack is even better! My pack is clean and more classic (since i hate phoenix shit ,i only left tvt) ,and geodata stazis (perfect geodata ,tested lot of times ,u cant pass any wall) is included as well!



Skype: l2era.skype



Price: 60 Euro (oh if you think this is much for my pack and my features/npcs/balance, then dont hesitate to buy l2 eos crap) ,and if you pay more ,i can implement more features on this pack just like l2 eos crap ,easy thing to implement features... i am not selling this pack to people who dont care ,i need someone who wants a good pack with everything ready! so if you liked my server is good to know



If someone feels like spamming my topic ,im going to report immediately!


For some pictures ,go here:


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Eos "crap" is one of the best packs Freya out there and confirmed by MANY users, what do you have? Only words? bla bla talking kido , Do you have proves about crap eos? or guy to confirm your pack is good? no you don't..


Eos features and the server it self has over 40 clients and its active more than 1 year.. l2nw l2maxter l2eos is same source /pack but every time more improved ..also it has ZERO negative comments , so try first be smart , and after to talk like an idiot.. by making other packs look like shit with lies and bullshits dosent make your fail project better.. , but working on the pack does.. so keep your bullshits for your self , and try learn and work more on your pack , only then you will win the privilages to talk about Eos and Nproject team.

Edited by ČυяŞŀŅğ
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40 clients ,just 3 launching freya servers IN  THIS YEAR with 20 online max GG

lie more ,you and your backdoored crap pack :D:D and shi tty balance


When you will have my balance formulas ,talk after Q_Q !

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Like i said , proves or never happen kido..


3 servers this year? you are on NSA ? haha such an idiot.. also you need to go back to school. My Freya packs are OVER 1 year on the mxc.. If you are smart, try read the time /date /year notes of each reply /post ;) can you?  or in school they didnt teach you?


Also never proved / noone lost his server from "backdoors" so again bullshits like you use to say like kid you are..


And By the way ! Most of my clients buyed the pack NOT TO OPEN A FREYA server.. but to COPY /PASTE the codes from Freya , to ANY other client.. the 90% of eos codes are working on H5 with few touches.. do you know? haha


about the "balance"  formulas i wont say , since My IQ is over this one xD hahaha

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umad brah!


your server is something like, dagger hit 900 backstab ,archer 500 ,mage 3k ,duelist 700 triple ,its crappy as that


now... i will restart a re-cap of my pack ,implement nexus engine GOLD ,and more features with configs and my pack wil be sold much better than your crappy pack ^^

Edited by Lineage2Era
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since Your IQ is below your age , I won't keep telling you how fail and idiot you are, its underrate me , and my name here on mxc.. You will NEVER get the clients i got , and you will NEVER be able to do what i did as "cursing"


anyone who is about to buy this fail pack , I can make it for you , in HALF price (30 euro  still a lot of money for such fail pack but anyway )


And you will have the same files , in lower price , and from one 100% trusted member of maxcheaters and not a fail one joined 10 march 14 xD

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umad brah!


ur quality is full of shi t, just full of addons to attract ppl which every noob with basic java knowledge can implement stuff!


My pack has been worked for like 1+ month and my balance is above your league of your shi tty pack! i got 7 years in this game, you got errr? 1 when u started sell ur crappy pack? :D



you dont even know to make proper html design ,the most easy thing

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