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WTS Accounts/items Innova Core

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Quitting Lineage.


Have Several accounts,




Aeore SE 98/Dual Feoh 95 (Original owner), alts 85 Othello €50   SOLD

Has Yellow Talisman (stage 3)

A few low oe'd skills

+8 Con -6 Str

If you would like further info mail me.


Yul 97.90 Sagi/Iss BD 93 (Original owner), alts - 85 Tyrr €45

No talisman

If you would like further info mail me.


85 Othello Fortune Seeker/89 Sigel SK (original owner) €35 (more due to large volume of vita)

It's low but it has 31hrs worth of vita maintaining 4hr pots/1hr pots (6x4hr 7x1hr)

few bits and bobs in bank.

Still has event armor/weapon for the dagger


99 Iss BD/92 Tyrr Dualist, 3 85+ alts for farming.   SOLD

Event Armor/Weapon

Has Red Talisman (stage 4)

Some oe'd stuff but not too much.

Lots of varied items in bank like seals etc

If you would like further info mail me.


89 Iss WC (Original Owner) €25

Event Items

Pure Box


85 Sigel HK (Original Owner) €10

Event Items

Zaken Farm Char


87 Aeore Cardi (Original Owner) €15

Event Items

Zaken Farm Char


83 Summoner Light Elf (Original Owner) €8





Seraph Light Set 3x60

+4 Specter Bow 2xSA (DU+Focus) 300 Holy

+1 Specter Caster Acu SOLD

Seraph Robe Set 3x60 SOLD

Twilight Heavy Set (60 Dark/60 Earth in all items for pve resists) €10 SOLD

Morale Talisman (+8% P/M Crit Rate, Recieved Crit Damage -10% and PVP Skill Damage -10%)  SOLD

Hunter Talisman SOLD



I have sold several chars over the last few years and if required I can hunt down the threads. I have also brought and sold quite a lot of adena and can get some high volume resellers to vouch for me. I will under no circumstances go first in a transaction (been scammed too many times). I am also willing to use a middle man if the buyer requires it but I will not cover the middleman fee, http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/175669-middle-man-services/ is and acceptable middleman as I have used him before for adena and middleman.


Paypal Gift is preferred but would consider western union (would need time to figure out fees etc for wu as I have never used it), Also Payment in Adena is acceptable as is easy to resell.


If you want to disscuss any of the above you can pm me and we can chat here or on skype.

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