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L2Fusion 35x PvP GRACIA [1hour buffs/free sub/x2 party exp]

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Looking for a server that has tons to offer including PvP as well as the REAL L2 Gameplay? You have found it! L2Fusion focuses on a player's ability to lvl and pvp where he or she wants. A/s Grade is also not just an easy go buy. Unseal your armor through the trader of mammon who is spawned in giran! Don't worry it's not as hard as it seems but does add a little extra excitement to SA your a/s grade gear! What are you waiting for? join now!


Don't want to the gameplay of Lineage 2 to be completely changed? join us! We are going to be big.


Event: X2 Party Exp for the next few days!




Look for L2Fusion EVENT AIO "GM" Buffer in town! ask for buffs!


Website: L2FusionGaming.forummotion.com


- L2Fusion PvP CT2 Gracia Server -


- Launched on August 18th 2008 -


- No Lag & Free Gameplay world -


- Rates: 35xp/35sp/105adena -


- Client version? Newest CT2 Gracia -


- Enchants - Safe 5 - Max 20 -


- L2Fusion Gracia PvP Information -


-Custom Shops

-NPC Basic Buffer (Prophet Buffs)

-1hour songs & dances & prophecies

-Global Gatekeeper

-Custom hunting areas

-Great Staff

-Great community

-Balanced PvP

-PvP Events

-GM Held Events

-Free gameplay world! (Lvl where you want!)

-Clan wars

-Castle wars

-More PvP events


-Legit donator system

-Awesome server!


I don't want to spoil it all so come check us out yourself!


Join L2Fusion today, you won't regret it!


Website: L2FusionGaming.forummotion.com


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