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interlude H5 Interlude (Interlude Server Based On H5 Client)


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We are glad to present you our new special server!


This Server is made for all these players that love Interlude server and its features! 

We do love it as well, but we strongly believe that the Interlude client is far less enjoyable than High Five one. 

That is why we decided to merge the best of Interlude server site with the most practical client of High Five.


Server is in BETA stage so all players wanted to test it are more than welcome!!! Some of the features below:


General Server Rate:


Experience: x1000

Spexperience: x1000

Party Experience: x1

Party Spexperience: x1

Adena: x1

Drop Item: x


Safe Enchant + 3

Max Enchant + 16


Normal Scroll Chance: For Normal Scrolls we have progressive enchant system. You can enchant items using Normal Scrolls to max of +15, where on +1 your success rate is 100% and on +15 you have 25% chance. If your Scroll failed your enchant will be return to 0 and your item will be crystallization. If you want to enchant your item to +16, you MUST use Ancient Scroll


Blessed Scroll Chance : 70%    If you want to enchant your item to +16, you MUST use Ancient Scroll. When the enchant fails, it will stay on the level before last try to enchant.


Ancient Scroll Chance : 30%    You MUST use that scroll to enchant to +16 . When the enchant fails, it will stay on +15


Other features:


H5 Weapons / Armors / Jewellery - All H5 Weapons and Armors including Jewellery are availableand have original High Five stats.


Skills - Some of the skills have been disabled/removed for class balance. Also some skills from after Interlude have been removed


Cloaks - No Stats added to Cloaks, they are purely for visual purpose only. 


No Shirts / No Belts / No Bracelets - They have been removed for balance. 


No Skill Transfer - They have been disabled for class balance. 


Server Buff System


32 Buff Slots + 4 Divine = 36 all together


16 Dance/Songs Slots


14 Triggered Slots


Town Buff NPC: 2 Hour Buff Duration

(You can choose between Normal Style and Scheme Style )



Custom NPC System


Rank PvP System

Rank System:

Based on PvP System, it's mean, killer can earn exp for kill player, then he rise his rank too if earn 100%. (exp is based on current Rank Points [RP]).

Default 42 ranks.

Reward for rise up the Rank can be awarded for each level of Rank Points. 

Included images for ranks and exp bar 


Reward System:

There is 2 reward types: for Legal Kill player, and for Legal Kill player with Rank.

Each kill gives special currency called RPC, the RPC can be exchanged for items.

Based on PvP System, killer can be rewarded for Legal Kill or not.

Use .pvpinfo command on targeted player to find out all PvP/PK details


Clan Reputatuin NPC - Easy to take clan reputation and up clan level


Olympiad System:

We use Retail like system

Satrt - 18:00 End 12:00 Time Zone +0

Hero Period - 1 Weeks

Anti feed/check olympiad system


Subclass Features:

No Quest Item request for Subclasses

Max sub class per char = 3


Clan/Ally Features

Clan/Ally/Clan Reputation sell in Custom Npc

Max Clans in ally 3

No penalty when you leave or dismiss clan


Banking System


Wedding System


Change Password Enables - type .changepassword voiced command which allows the players to change their account's password in game.


Custom Command System




Custom Features:

All New Players will start level 85

All New Players will start with 100k Adena

Custom Borad System - Give you extra information and few options

Custom Farm Zone - The zone will give you farm coins exchange in Gm shop


Augment Features:

Mid-Grade Life Stone Skill Chance - 5%

High-Grade Life Stone Skill Chance - 10%

Top-Grade Life Stone Skill Chance - 15% 


Custom option for getting Augment of your choice


Donation - We have implemented a new donate system Auto. You need just to login with your account,you choose the reward and you add the credits. Then go to shop/donation and choose reward. Remember your Char need to be offline to receive reward.

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