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classic L2 Cleaver Grand Opening 31/1/2014 18:00 Gmt+1 Mid Rate Server X30An


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Grand Opening 2014 Info Advanced PvP Zones at Epic Bosses
  • Queen Ant Zone limited to 31-49 lvl characters.
  • Core Zone limited to 41-59 lvl characters.
  • Orfen Zone limited to 41-59 lvl characters.
  • Zaken Zone limited to 51-69 lvl characters.
  • Baium Zone from 13th floor up.
  • Antharas Zone inside Lair and around the Heart.
  • Valakas Zone inside Lair and around the Heart.
  • Frintezza - zone haven't been added yet.
Major changes
  • Warning
    • Olympiad Fights will start at 07.02.2014 18:00 (week after start)
    • Sieges will start at 08.02.2014 20:00 (week after start)
  • Character during delevel will no longer keep skills from higher level.
  • Completly reworked Artificial Intelligence(AI) for:
    • Queen Ant
    • Orfen
    • Zaken
    • Baium
  • Refreshed conquerable clanhall sieges.
    • Devasted Castle
    • Partisan Hideway
    • Bandit Stronghold
*Detailed patch notes are unavailable. Server Machine
  • Doubled
  • 2x Intel Xeon E3-1240V3 3.4 Ghz x4(x2)
  • RAM 32 GB DDR3 ECC
  • HDD 4x 1TB - SATA3
  • Internet 10Gbps
  • Rates
  • RateXp = 30
  • RateSp = 30
  • RatePartyXp = 1,5
  • RateDropItems = 20
  • RateSpoilItems = 15
  • RateRaidDropItems = 20
  • RateQuestDrop = 10
  • EnchantMaxWeapon = 16
  • EnchantMaxArmor = 16
  • EnchantMaxJewelry = 16
  • Enchant rate : 66% for all type of scrolls
  • Class change
  • 1st - No quest needed - cost 100,000 adena.
  • 2nd - No quest needed - cost 1,000,000 adena.
  • 3rd - No quest needed - cost 30,000,000 adena.
  • Subclass
  • No quest needed - free
  • Up to 4 subclasses
  • Retail like:
    • Cannot add Dark Elf subclass on Elf character.
    • Cannot add Elf subclass on Dark Elf character.
    • Cannot add the same type class as subclass (eg only 1 archery class).
  • Buffs
  • Buffs Time - 1 hour
  • Summon Buffs Time - 5 minutes
  • NPC Buffer Classic
  • NPC Buffer Shemes
  • Buff slots 24(+4)
  • NPC Buffer doesn't include buffs like:
    • Summon buffs eg Blessing of Queen
    • Resists eg Dance of Aquaguard
  • Olympiad
  • Olympiad period : 2 weeks
  • Olympiad min players: 9 (Non-Classed)
  • Unique antifeed system
  • Instant macros for Armor Sets
  • Rules : retail like
  • Classic features
  • 100% of skills working including all of Symbols
  • Dualbox/Multibox is allowed
  • Dedicated Geodata
  • GM Shop up to B-Grades
  • GM Shop trading SealStones
  • Global Gatekeeper
  • Merchant of Mammon in town
  • Blacksmith of Mammon in town
  • Player's spawn protect: 15 sec
  • Autolearn skills
  • Mana Drugs
  • Shop restriction areas in towns:giran.jpgrune.jpgaden.jpggoddard.jpg
    • Giran
    • Rune
    • Aden
    • Goddard
  • Special Features
  • Advanced antibot system
  • Anti L2Walker/L2Tower/L2Net system
  • Unique support contact system [FAQ]
  • Unique voting system [FAQ]
  • Experienced staff

  • Donations limited to:
  • Player Name/Gender change
  • Clan name change
  • Nobless,
  • Life stones,
  • Adena,
  • Soul Crystal for weapon SA,
  • Basic premium account,
  • Hair accesories,
  • and some more NOT powerfull items.
  • * Item list and prices can be checked only in game at NPC Donate/Vote Shop placed in main towns. (in my opinion best server last 3 years is coming back! cya there nerds)


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Plz refrain from posting idiotic l2 pvp videos in which u got 3 bishops in a single party.

plz tell someone to this retard that 3bps in 1 pt rule the world.

Edited by Nervouss
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How i like it when there is no one to inform us of what is going on...



EDIT, his words



Untill 19:30 players can only create characters without entering Lineage World, this will solve current traffic problem. If you will keep going like this, We will reach new online record. Enjoy

Edited by DjNanos
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You are small hater ;) L2 cleaver wasn't wiped 2,3,4,5 etc times :) Just 3rd season and online was more than 2k on all seasons :) So go to ur poor server and play with ur best settings and 300 online ^^

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You are small hater ;) L2 cleaver wasn't wiped 2,3,4,5 etc times :) Just 3rd season and online was more than 2k on all seasons :) So go to ur poor server and play with ur best settings and 300 online ^^


That "season" word you are using means wipe.


3rd season = 3rd wipe


Adding the one they did when ppl duped adena its 4 wipes and a lot of rollbacks.

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    • Καλησπερα παιδια,παιζω τα ρεστα μου σε αυτο το θρεντ.Παλευω με ενα προβλημα περιπου 10 μερες.Προσπαθησα να κανω upgrade τα client files του interlude με αυτα ενως gracia final(apo files tou criticalerror)και οταν εκανα copy-paste τα αρχεια(animation/l2text/maps/staticmeshes/system/systemtextures/textures),το l2.exe σταματησε να δουλευει. Κατεβασα το engine.dll που δινεται σαν λυση στο συγκεκριμενο προβλημα αλλα δεν δουλεψε.Επειτα κατεβασα ενα ολοκληρο client(Celestine fix) και αυτο ανοιγει αλλα οταν προσπαθω να αλλαξω το l2.ini για να loggarw,τοτε δεν ανοιγει ξανα το l2.Στο task manager βλεπω ενα l2.exe. Για καποιο λογο νιωθω οτι μπορει να εγινε μαλακια με τα fonts.Δεν ειμαι σιγουρος γι αυτο. Τι δοκιμασα?   -Διαφορετικα L2 editors -Upgrade/downgrade drivers GPU -Uninstall+clean files απο 3-4 διαφορετικα αρχεια IL -Προφανως το engine.dll οπως λεω και παραπανω -Delete/hide asiahm-medium font -Run l2.exe με compatibility Vista/Xp/etc etc   Πριν φτασω στην τελευταια πιστα που ειναι το format,εχει καποιος ετσω και μια ιδεα γτ μπορει να brickare ετσι το συστημα?
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    • Good luck, i like Pride Style.
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