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interlude [L2J] E V O - C U S T O M P V P [Grand Opening Soon..]


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Grand Opening soon...





Main Features

Main town -> Giran
Custom areas for farming Coin Of Luck and Adena ( 1 COL = 1 BLESS )
Character Services: Manage the options of some of the server's custom features.
Global Gatekeeper with all the basic and important zones.
Vote System: Vote for server in all banners and mass reward online players!
Class Master: 1st class transfer Cost: 0 Adena. 2nd class transfer Cost: 0 Adena. 3rd class transfer Cost: 0 Adena.
Custom designed all kind of shops located in Giran to service your wills.
Olympiad Anti-feed Protection.
Customizable clanhalls: All clanhalls got NPCs(such as Global GK, GM Shop, Buffer, etc.)





    Safe Enchant 3
    Maximum Enchant 12
    Normal scroll rate 62 %
    Blessed scroll rate 100 %
    Crystal scroll maximum enchant 16
    Crystal scroll rate 50%
    Rate XP,SP,ADENA x5000
    Starting level: 80


    Top Grade -> 18% (active/passive chance)
    Mid Grade -> 4% (active/passive chance)
    Clan Leader can request from Clan Manager (Giran) reputation score & level
    Clan Leader must have Red Pappers to improve his clan.
    In order to get Red Pappers you need to kill Sejarr's Servitor
    In order to get Noblesse status , you need to kill Barakiel.
    Barakiel drop 9 noblesse items (double-click & noblesse)
    Olympiad Games start every day at 18:00 GMT +2 and end every day at 00:00 GMT +2.
    New heroes will be formed every 2 weeks

REGISTER ON FORUM : http://l2tna.com/forum/index.php?topic=744.0

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    Farming Spots:
    You can use our custom gatekeeper to teleport for free.

    -Lair Of Antharas (Medium)
    -Monsters have a great rate for Adena

Coin Of Luck drop in FG.
1 Coin Of Luck = 1 Blessed Scroll

Other items needed for CUSTOM ITEMS

    -Fields Of Sillence (Medium)
    -Monsters have a great rate for Adena.


Coin Of Luck drop in FOS.
1 Coin Of Luck = 1 Blessed Scroll

Other items needed for CUSTOM ITEMS




Monsters drop crystal scrolls
3-5 Crystal Scrolls / Mob.

Top Grade Life-Stone.

You need crystal scrolls to enchant from +12 to +16 !


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There is 50% crystal rate !

You need to go party zone (pvp) or events for crystal scrolls !

With +4 encahnted items there is a difference ;)

Anyway is mass pvp server :) if you don't like this type don't play !

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Some ppl have noblesse from the beggining, some not.

a lot of errors, especially while you're on tvt

All players have noblesse skill and anti buff from begginig. but to get noblesse status (olympiad,etc) you need to kill barakiel !

It sais clear , events are full buff don't cry ! [TVT , CTF FULL BUFF !]





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All players have noblesse skill and anti buff from begginig. but to get noblesse status (olympiad,etc) you need to kill barakiel !

Okay..didnt know that, thanks.



It sais clear , events are full buff don't cry ! [TVT , CTF FULL BUFF !]

OK, watch your attitude dude, i didnt flame you nor insulted you or your server. I just reported some stuff i think doest work correctly. I never cried about anything, cut the crap !

And thats the truth, ask your players, a lot of ppl gets error while they're in events that includes miself and my 5 friends playing here.





CTF In giran it might be a bad idea especially if there are a lot of ppl online at giran -.-

Events last 10min, way too much, make it 5 please.



EDIT: Char named KayliarahsGR says he gets crit. error whenever he tries to equip his necklaise after joining ctf

He gave me his necklaise and went i equiped it i got disconnected, and i msg said "illegal action gm was informed"

was informed about what ? equiping a tts +16? O.o


Edit2: At 5pvp in a row u get hero aura, remove it or make it higher orelse it will be a hero aura running server.


Daggers kinda too high, check it out. Way too much dmg, skills rarely missing and mirage works 100% -.- fix it


Domi, some skills are 100% and last 5min.




Im wondering did u rly had a beta phase?


Barakiel respawn is too low, make it more so we can pvp-fight for it, with that low respawning time all server will be noblesse in 1st day.


And this



Some dagger hit me that, on +12 full armor


Server's already getting daggery-server


Pk protector's range is like -


All those above are suggestions and some things I personaly find disturbing. But this came out of hands...you server does have ANTI BOT PROTECTION

There's a screenshot, 2guys got a walker or tower idk what party with 3 BPs and 2 Domis and 2 archers killing. nice!


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ppl asking for you but you are always on refusal, just ask some ppl what they think of dagger in your server. and as i said watch your attitude, i started being polite with you trying to help you and you are getting aggresive, watch it out!

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