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WTS [ M M O R P G ] Updater Launcher

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My hectic work schedule does not allow me to invest time in the Updaters/Launhers anymore,
so I am selling the sources at 55 euros.


If a respective individual wants to buy the sources exclusively the price is 80 euros.
(that means he will only own the sources and noone else).


My skype is rs.project


You can contact me there for more info (I might appear offline 'cause I am at work but i always see the messages).


Selling the Updater means:
1. Full working sources to compile and change w/e the fuck you like in the program.
2. Free installation in 1 of your PCs by me(via TeamViewer).
2. 2 PSD designs of your choice (not more cause the PSD's cost same as my compiled program, +10 euros for each extra PSD).


Selling the Updater does not mean:

1. Being your personal problem solver in the build/compile of the Updater.


To be more specific:
I will install all programms/components necessary to have a fully functional Launcher (via TeamViewer). I will compile the program
and test it live to proove to you that everything works. I will not answer to requests like "how do I make the Updater do this and that".
I provide a full working sources not technical support, mostly because I don't have time to do it.



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1 non-exclusive source sold to customer with skype: ja*********1

After purchase I used TeamViewer to install all things necessary to make it work

and tested it.

Meaning the exclusive source sales are now disabled.

Source price now costs 55 euros per license.

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There are ambiguous answers to that question.

We have to consider what protection the server uses(if there's any), how much dedicated is the individual who wants to bypass it

and the budget spent, of the server owner, regarding the funds invested in disabling l2.exe.

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I could leave the files of the demos for configuration if it is not very annoying I would like to use it for mu online no matter if it does not give the update but it looks nice :)

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Added feature: Pause Button


You can pause and resume the update of the files with one button. It starts from where it left off.




Notice: The Pause Button feature is displayed in test (beta) design,

it can be applied in all updater designs.

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