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WTS Sigel Phoenix Knight 99 Dark Elf (subclass 95+ healer, 80,80 - subclass skills)

  • Server: CORE (Innova EU)
  • Main Equip: Eternal Heavy set +6++ (full 3x120 atribute balanced), apo cutter + health 150
  • Dual Class Equip: Seraph Heavy set ALL parts +4 (full 3x120 attribute balanced); R buster 150 dual SA (Acumen & ManaUP); all cloaks;
  • Normal Tezza +4, CoC earrings (knockback & stun rez), seraph rings
  • Istina shirt +4
  • CON +12
  • R belt+6 + PVP defense
  • Talisman Outlaw Abundance
  • Enhanced Istina bracelet
  • Eye Patch with nice resistance augment
  • Good reputation on server

I sell it with e-mail (which can be changed of course).


Paypal. You must be really trusted or we go via middle-man with a very trusted member of this community.



LE: The price is 200euro (not negociable) for char with everything. Probably if I start sell items piece by piece I get this money only for items ..so basically the lv99 char is almost free :)

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