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interlude L2 Xxxxxxxx Will You Play If That Was Existing?


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x35 XP

x35 SP

     x35 Adena

Safe +3

Max +20

Normal Scroll Rate: 70% till +6 , 55% till + 12 , 20% till 15, 10% till 16% and 8% till 20

Blessed Scroll Rate: 75% till +6 , 60% till + 12 , 25% till 15, 15% till 16% and 10% till 20

Divine Scroll Rate: 95% till +6 , 70% till + 12 , 35% till 15, 25% till 19% and 15% till 20





Starting at level 20 with full d grade and 500k adenas

Delevel is enabled

Subclass without Quest

Nobless: Caradines letter level 65 on shop, quest drop 100% you just got to kill barakiel and continue it at till its end

Buffs 20+4 and 10 debuff slots



Boosted Zones:

Elven fortress

It has stages, room 1 is low mobs (Drops adenas)

               room 2 is semi low mobs (Drops adenas)

               room 3 is mid mobs (Drops adenas)

               room 4 drops mats for custom armor (Stage 1 Armor: Titanium Armor)

               room 5 drops elven scrolls (for s grade weapon s/a, nobless quest if you don't want to farm the goddes necklace and ring)

               room 6 raidbosses (Anakim,Lilith, Doom Blade Tanatos) (Droping Raid Tokens and blessed)


Imperial Tomb (Chaotic)

PvP Zone Mainly for Pks also


Mithril Mines (Droping Materials for Titanium Armor)



Primeval Isle: Party Zone

Party area drops mats, 15kk adena, Dino eggs for the Advanced Titanium Armor sets and 10% to drop Recipes for Titanium Armor and also T-Rex Drops Raid Tokens and Siren egg used for the Advanced Titanium Armor




No gm shop

There are:

Armor shop

Misc shop

Unique Trader: Donation items, vote reward items, PvP items

Weapons/Bank/Accesory shop sells S1 Grade weapons (Ancient ones with 5 raid tokens its)

Scheme Buffer 


Elven Scroll Trader

And CraftShop

About Craft Shop: You get recipes from vote reward or from Dino Isle mobs you get mats and you dont need a dwarf you craft armors from him





Olympiad Retail like

Bosses Retail like spawn time (Except Barakiel that has 2 hours respawn and Anakim,Lilith,Doom Blade Tanatos that have 4 hours)

Buffs 1 hour

Classes free (3rd class gives you 1 Book of Giants)


Custom Armors:

Titanium Armor (Apella texture and it is slightly better from S)

Advanced Titanium Armor (slightly better from Titanium Armor) (Vesper Noble texture)


Custom Weapons: 

Phoenix Weapons (Epic weapons texture)


Custom Shield:


Dusk Shield

Excellion Shield (Dynasty Shield Texture)


Custom etc. Items:

Vote tickets (Gained from Voting)

Donate tickets

Honorable coins (Gained from PvP)


Will you play on?

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i would go for it ;)


Buffs 20+4 and 10 debuff slots


Just slightly to low buff amount, sound Buffs 24+4 and 10 debuff slots fair enough ;)

well the server progress its still on development phase we tested anything on 20+4 but we will check out also the 24+4 slots how they work with the ressists how they influence custom party mob dmg on all classes etc.. we are planing to give an eta inside january but still we need opinions and we wanna see if it attract players. Well our budget its in a semi good amount and the dev team its skilled.. so lets see who would play on such a server

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24+4 is like best option, warriors daggers can buff them selfs without any resists i meen (rage and chant of wampire is needed) and mage classes its more likely to buff your self with (Buffs 20+4) 


Also what would be great thing thet Sorrcers and Spellsingers would be more likely playable classes... I meen they quite powerfull as a mages, but necros took they part in interlude servers so rest of classes stayes behind....

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dusk weapons please :D

well we thought about it but people made so many copies of l2gold.. and we will fail for sure, the actual customs will be like this but we need opinions you like it?

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i see. one more mid rate srv with mages getting full mc.. 


no since they cant get full buffed so the casting aint much nor the matk but they are playable and no OP i speak for the ressists values cause in some servers nukers hit for 150 dmg and mc 200 this is fixed the damages are normal, well when it is an eta for our beta you can login and test yourself

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Server Development finished all are ready and tested, 1-1 i will update the topic with the whole server setup.. Working on the website..


Bump lets see some more interest!


edit!: Check 1st post!!

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