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What do you thing is better?  

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  1. 1. What do you thing is better?

    • Taekwondo
    • Kick Boxing

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kick boxing 4 sure...


its the best "sport"


for me...


if u know kick boxing u can beat everyone. ( My opinion )




Iron Mike 4tw !

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Look this is my story:



when i was at a young age my dad subscribed me to Karate...

Anyway to make a long story short after two years i got bored cause we did the same things over and over again. every day!


for the first 8 years i had to go Every single day...


i hated it so much that i tried to break my leg and my arms..


i made out i was sick but nothing..


my dad thinking it is for my own sake he pushed me to go...


eventually 8 years got the black belt... ( i was so pissed off cause i was waiting two years for it but i had to be 12 -.-)


anyway after 9 years i went to the world cup championship...


Won first match ...


Now semi-finals....


I fought against my Sensei's son...


he was fast he was good he had teqnique...


our ref was a japanese man


That day i fought with my whole life


i had always hated that kid


every time i beat his ass in practise and he faked that i punched his nose and started to cry so my master eventually told me off -.-


(this was supposed to be a short story but all the hate i had is finally coming out :D )


at the match the ref hailed the starting sound and as soon as i heard i jumped and kicked him in the head with just enough strenght not to be a foul (remember Karate is without full contact)


anyway i was fouled


i said already ref's mistake then... i attacked that shitty kid so i could gain points... but the ref was giving the points to him!!!1  :o


in the end we beat me 5-0 which were actually my points!


a lot of the parents complained but noone gave notice


with tears in my eyes i told my dad i am never going to go back there even if i have to suicide


he then understood what i had been going to for most of my life...


After about 2 months i quit they called me and said why did i stop


my dad told them and they said they will look at the tapes of the recorded match and get back to me...


then i never heard again from them...


The End


i just told you 3/4 of my life in one post :)


i think that choosing a sport should be by what suits you best and what you like the most :) a personal decission!


P.S. i hope you guys take the time to read it cause it is a lesson of life (don't listen to your dad !! xaxa j/k)

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