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interlude [L2Off] Lineage 2 Primacy 70X (Grand Opening: Friday 6 December At 17:00 Pm Gmt+1)


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Lineage 2 Primacy 70x


Website: www.l2primacy.com

Forum: www.l2primacy.com/forum

All characters gain VIP Access to the NPC Buffer during days 6, 7 and 8 of December


          Basic Information

  • Chronicle : Interlude / C6
  • Platform: L2OFF
  • International Server
  • DDoS Protection (Hyper Filter)
  • Anti Hack/Bot System

  • Experience (EXP): 70x. (Boosted areas with higher EXP rate available)
  • Skill Points (SP): 70x.
  • Adena: 200x.
  • Drop: 5x.
  • Spoil: 5x.

    General Features
  • Spawn Protection.
    *You will be protected for 30 seconds after you teleport. During the 30 seconds you might get hit however you won't take any damage. If you use a skill or move this effect will be gone.
  • Auto-Learn Skill.
  • No clan Penalty.
  • Cursed Weapon System.
  • No quest needed for 1st, 2nd, 3rd class.
  • Npc/Pet.(without 3rd class buffs)
  • VIP Status. (Access to special buffs in NPC Buffer)
  • Castle Manager in each Castle Town.
  • There is no EXP penality for leveling low levels.
  • Aio Buffers.
    *Not allowed to go out of town and cannot buff out of town.
    *AIO buffers can fills their mana while moving inside cities.
  • Bugless Geodata.
  • Active Staff.

    Custom Features
  • Strip Mine custom Main Town.
  • Players start with Lv20, top D grade gear, 2x Soe & 1kk adena.
  • Bad Buff Protection.
  • Global Gk.
  • Gm Shops in Strip Mine.
  • Offline Shop. (/offline_shop)
  • Custom Primacy Armor Set. (Titanium)
    *We saw that many people can't find something to do after few weeks later, so we decided to add 1 custom set which will have little bit higher stats than normal s grades and will be little bit hard to do.
  • Custom PVP System
    *Killing an enemy you earn a Combat Coin. Exchange PVP coins for life stones, custom items and hair accesories.
  • Summon CP Potion skill can give of 20 to 100 potions randomly.

    Enchant System
  • Weapons, armors and Jewels +3.
  • Two-piece armors +4.
  • Mage weapons: 44%. (retail-like)
  • Fighter weapons: 66%. (retail-like)

    Buff System
  • Normal Buffs 2 hours.
  • Dances and Songs 2 hours.
  • Prophecies' and COV 2 hour.
  • Summoners' Buffs like retail.
  • 24 Buff slots and 6 Debuff slots.

    Raid Boss System
  • Barakiel Lv80: 6 Hours, +- 30 Minutes.
  • Subclass Bosses: 6 Hours +- 30 Minutes.
  • All Epics Lv80: Will be spawned after 2nd Week.

    Sub Class & Nobless System
  • Subclass via Custom NPC.
    *Requires Lv75+, Cabrio Coffer, Hallate Chest, Kernon Chest and Golkonda Chest.
  • Nobless Retail Quest. (Lunargents + Hellfire oil are in Misc shop)

    Olympiad & Heroes
  • Olympiad will be open 2nd week after launch.
  • Olympiad is from 18:00 to 00:00 GMT+1 everyday.
  • Olympiad period lasts 1 month.

    Boosted Areas
  • Execution Grounds.
  • Cruma Tower.
  • DVC Entrance.

    Custom Farming Areas
  • Elven Fortress. (Solo Zone)
  • Primeval Isle. (Party Zone)

    Chaotic PvP Zones
  • Flame of Splendor Barakiel zone.
  • Baium's Lair. (13th & 14th TOI Floors)
  • Queen Ant zone.
  • Lord of Splendor, Anays. (Room)
  • Elven Fortress. (Blade Stakato Drone Room)

         Raid Boss StatusTop PVP and Top PK can be found at Control Panel.


Website: www.l2primacy.com

Forum: www.l2primacy.com/forum

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