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Eu Nordic & East Platinum Ii Account.


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Hello all  after 4 years i want to sell my account  not because im bored playing lol,

because  i just need the money... many problems with family and my life. yes i sell it for money!! i need so plz if someone know some friends or others want to buy it, tell them.

Thank you. and i f u want to know if im trusted. im here many years. and too many members from mxc know me and if someone want the acc i can tell them to contact with u.


i can use middle man or whatever u want. i just need the money cus us i told u i have big prob with economy.

sorry for my English.


so about my acc.



-  62 Skins

[ added 6 more Skins ]

-Soul Reaver Draven

-Dark Valkyrie Diana

-Infernal Nasus

-Pre-Void Kassadin

-DragonBlade Talon

-Popstar Ahri


- 7 Rune Pages ( i have runes for 10 - 11 rune pages)

- Champions not Owned 4

- Champions Owned 112


*6 more champions*



lvl 30 ofc

Platinum II 46pts


Price 350euro





Blood Moon Akali

Unchained Alistar


riot Blitzcrank

Officer Caitlyn

Mythic cassiopeia

Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath

Bioforge Darius

Executioner Mundo

Death Blossom Elise

Victorius Elise

Frosted Ezreal

PulseFire Ezreal

HeadMistress Fiora

tundra Fizz

MinuteMan Gangplank

sanguine garen

Arcade Hecarim

FrostBlade Irelia

Commando Jarvan IV

DarkForge Jarvan IV

Nemesis Jax

Mafia Jinx

Traditional Karma

Statue of Karthus

High comand Katarina

Judgment Kayle

Mecha Kha'zix

Pool Party Lee Sin

Marble Malphite

Head Hunter Master yi

Cowgirld Miss Fortune

Road Warrior Miss Fortune

Mafia Miss Fortune

Lord MordeKaiser

BlackThorn Morgana

Pharaoh Nasus

Frozen Terror Nocturne

Glacial Olaf

Pentakill Olaf


BlackSmith Poppy

Uncle Ryze

Royal Shaco

Ironscale Shyvana

Augmented Singed

Earthrune Skarner

Badger Teemo

Cottontail Teemo

Championship Thresh

Riot Girl Tristana

Buccaneer Tristana

HeartSeeker Vayne

Neon Strike Vi

Winged Hussar Xin Zhao

Pool Party Ziggs













Ranked elo Stats




Summoner Icons (you can see how much money i have spend for this acc and how old is)




Champions Not Owned



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