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Bumping Rules

  • NEW! Bumping rules: You are allowed to BUMP (Bring up your topic/post) your topic only 24 hours after your last post.
    You have just to press the following button:



    VIPs & Donators can bump 3 topics per day. 

    Members can bump 1 topic per day.


    Note: All BUMP posts (any words like "bump", "up", etc.) are not allowed anymore and they will be DELETED(To avoid post hunting through this kind of topics).

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Really. I don't download fonts from "da-font" and make a "logo" with shitty gradient. I do my OWN designs, based on actual Lineage 2 designs.
So yeah, go ahead and "design a logo" with da-font Times-New-Roman and let me do my own designs.

Have fun  :gtfo:

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